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POWR Stakeholder Update March 10, 2020

Blog post

Information about features released on Portland.gov in early March, 2020.


Places: Locations, Rooms, and Service Locations

There are four types of locations on Portland.gov: rooms, locations, service locations, and park facilities. Rooms and locations can now be created in an in review moderation state by editors with the publisher role on Portland.gov using Manage Locations in your editor toolbar. The Portland.gov content team will review these locations for accuracy and publish them each work day. 

Location (Building, Address, or Place)

A location has a physical address and is automatically geocoded with latitude and longitude coordinates for use with a get directions link. Locations should be used for things like city offices, fire stations, police precincts, and commonly used named locations for city events. The Portland.gov content team will review locations as they are created to reduce duplicates.

Room or Meeting Place

A room or meeting place has an associated location (address, building, or place). Meetings and hearings are often associated with a specific room in a city facility. The new room content type will allow editors to associate their events with reusable rooms.

In an upcoming feature coming later in March, events, news, pages, and construction projects associated with a location or room will automatically appear on the web page for that place.

We need your help creating a list of locations and rooms that are most commonly used for city events. In the coming week, we will be reaching out to our leads in each bureau to get a list of rooms and locations to import into our location database. The goal is to increase consistency in how rooms and locations are used on Portland.gov and to make it easier for editors to create events with the correct location.

Service Locations

Service locations have been on Portland.gov since the beginning. A service location is a named place where the public can access a city service. These service locations get their address from a location (address, building, place) and typically have posted hours of operation. All service locations are displayed with a get directions link.

Editors can add a service location to their groups and manage them as group content.

Park Facilities

Because of the amount of information on our parks, we have a special content type for these locations. We are working with the Parks and Recreation communications team to launch the new Find a Park feature on Portland.gov soon. All park facilities have a primary location, but they can also have multiple entrances that can be displayed on a map and have unique get directions links.


A new content type has been added for reusable contact information with optional fields for email, phone, and fax number. When possible, editors should work with their bureaus to create group inboxes or reception phone numbers rather than specific individuals, but with this new contact content type, changing a contact on a group of pages, news, or events is simpler. A bulk update feature is coming soon to help editors update several news and events at once.

Service content type updates

Screen capture of new service fields with arrows pointing to each field

When creating a service in your group, you can now associate that service with an online application, contact, service location and mailing address that will appear in an aside on desktop and under the service description on mobile.

If you are a group admin, please review your services and add this information over the next few weeks.

Another change to services is the move of "related content" to the aside below the contact and location information. This change is in response to usability testing that showed community members attempting to use the related content tiles as action links instead of the smaller call to action buttons in the service description. 

The Portland.gov team is constantly responding to feedback and usability research to improve our services.


In a previous update, the content type called data table was released as a way to allow HTML tables to be embedded on pages. A recent update to Drupal has made it possible for us to release basic table editing on every content type. While you can access this feature with the table icon in the text editor of your pages, please reach out to the Portland.gov team to create your data tables. You will be able to edit the content in the table after it has been created. The Portland.gov content team can ensure that the table displays properly on mobile devices and has properly scoped table headings and cells for accessibility.

Design Updates: Smaller Fonts on Desktop, Bigger Fonts on Mobile

Based on usability testing and feedback, we have made our desktop fonts slightly smaller and bumped up the size of our mobile typography. On the desktop, the smaller font ensures that more of the page content is displayed when laptop displays and larger are used. More design changes are coming soon as we roll out our new website design system in coming months.