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UTL-2.03 - Columbia South Shore Well Field Wellhead Protection Program

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WHEREAS, the City of Portland owns and operates the Columbia South Shore Well Field as an emergency back-up and seasonal augmentation source of water for retail and wholesale customers comprising about one fourth of Oregon’s population;

WHEREAS, the Columbia South Shore Well Field is a major resource to the region and should be protected from contamination resulting from spills of hazardous materials;

WHEREAS, the Bureau of Water Works has worked with potentially affected businesses located in the proposed expanded Wellhead Protection Area to develop a substantially revised program to protect this important groundwater resource;

WHEREAS, the Wellhead Protection Program includes a five-year phase-in period to assist existing businesses in planning and managing the financial impacts of bringing their facilities into compliance with program requirements;

WHEREAS, education and technical assistance efforts supported by the Water Bureau would facilitate a smooth phase-in by providing affected businesses with training, informational materials, and technical resources;

WHEREAS, it is in the City’s interest to encourage residential and agricultural property owners to take actions to protect groundwater, and such actions can be supported through well-designed and delivered outreach and educational efforts; and

WHEREAS, community-based organizations such as the Columbia Corridor Association and the Columbia Slough Watershed Council are well positioned to partner with the Bureau of Water Works to achieve its education, outreach, and technical assistance objectives.


NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Council hereby directs the Bureau of Water Works to develop and implement a variety of approaches to assist residential, agricultural, business and industrial property owners and operators in the Columbia South Shore Well Field Wellhead Protection Area in their efforts to protect groundwater resources and comply with program requirements. Such efforts may include entering into and providing financial support to community-based partnerships to provide outreach, education, training, and/or technical assistance to affected property owners and/or tenants. In addition, during the five-year phase-in period, inspection programs shall emphasize facilitating compliance by providing information and technical assistance to businesses.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, the Council also directs the Bureau of Water Works to continue its ongoing collaboration with business and industry representatives, other municipalities and City agencies in periodically evaluating the information collected through reporting and inspections and developing program revisions necessary to ensure the effectiveness of the program in protecting ground water resources.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, this Resolution is binding City policy.

Adopted by Resolution No. 36156, effective July 2, 2003.

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