UTL-6.01 - Broadband Strategic Plan

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WHEREAS, high-speed, accessible and affordable is essential infrastructure for job creation, education, health care, the enhancement of safe and connected communities, civic engagement, government transparency and responsiveness, reduced carbon emissions, and emergency preparedness; and

WHEREAS, a strategic approach to will benefit the City's economic development strategy targeting four industries including clean technologies, active wear, advanced manufacturing and software; and

WHEREAS, establishing the City's objectives and initiatives will inform the Portland Plan and Climate Action Plan and create tools to achieve the City's goals for prosperity, health, and equity; and

WHEREAS, there are critical strategic fiscal, policy, and planning benefits to the City which will arise through coordinating and leveraging on-going and planned efforts related to improving access for citizens and businesses throughout the City; and

WHEREAS, the City should develop communications infrastructure and connectivity strategies to enhance business vitality and job creation, government services, sustainability, transportation, health care, regulatory policy; and accessibility and responsiveness of government to citizens through connectivity; and

WHEREAS, the City currently has multiple programs and projects proposed or underway in different bureaus and portfolios that involve initiatives and investments that should be coordinated in the most effective manner; and

WHEREAS, a strategic plan for accomplishing the City's objectives can direct efforts and investments made throughout the City, both on behalf of City bureaus and with our State, Federal and private sector partners; and

WHEREAS, the Office of Cable Communications and Franchise Management has a long history of facilitating coordinated policy and regulatory leadership on the Council's behalf in the area of and the development of advanced telecommunications services in the City;


NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Portland City Council adopts Connecting to our Future: Portland's Strategic Plan to set specific goals and strategies to be used by all bureaus and City Council in decision making; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Office of Cable Communications and Franchise Management is hereby authorized and directed to develop a work plan to implement the Strategic Plan. The Office of Cable Communications and Franchise Management shall work with other Bureaus and offices of the City including but not limited to the Portland Development Commission, the Bureau of Technology Services, the Fire Bureau, the Police Bureau, the Public Safety Systems Revitalization Program, the Office of Planning and Sustainability, and Mayor and Council Offices to ensure that a comprehensive work plan further develops and provides connectivity to a citywide ecosystem.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that this resolution will become binding City policy upon adoption and shall be included in the Portland Policy Documents. 

Link to Exhibit A - Connecting to Our Future: Portland's Broadband Strategic Plan

Historical notes


Resolution No. 36879, adopted by City Council September 14, 2011.

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