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TRN-9.07 - Public Works Permitting Administrative Rules

Administrative Rules Adopted by City Council (ARC)
Policy number


Administrative Rule Adopted by City Council


What follows is the Table of Contents and an excerpt from the administrative rules:


1.  Applicability

2.  Purpose

3.  Definitions

4.  Regulatory Authority

5.  Permit Types

6.  Submittal Requirements

7.  Permit Review

8.  Inspections

9.  Fees

10.  Fee Collection Process

11.  Administrative Review

12.  Appeals

These are administrative rules of the City of Portland Public Works Program.

1.  Applicability

These rules apply to any person wishing or required to modify, remove, or install an improvement that serves the public and that will be or has been relinquished to the City for long-term maintenance.

2.  Purpose

These rules establish City decision-making, processing, and fee requirements for review and approval of certain public works permits. Additional permits may need to be obtained from other City bureaus or agencies outside of the City.

3.  Definitions

Certain terms used in these rules are defined by Portland City Code (PCC) Chapters 17.04 and 17.06.

4.  Regulatory Authority

These rules are adopted by City Council to implement the broad permitting authorities granted in PCC Chapters 17.06, 17.24, and 17.32 but may be amended from time to time by the Director of the Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) in consultation with the Directors of the Portland Water Bureau (PWB) and the Bureau of Environmental Services (BES).


Amended by the Directors of the Portland Bureau of Transportation, Water Bureau, and Bureau of Environmental Services April 6, 2017.

Ordinance No. 187486, passed by City Council December 9, 2015 and effective January 8, 2016.

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