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TRN-9.04 - Drop Curbs, Handicap Ramps & Temporary Curb Crossing

Administrative Rules Adopted by Bureaus Pursuant to Rule Making Authority (ARB)
Policy number

Administrative Rule Adopted by Bureau of Transportation Engineering & Development Pursuant to Rule-Making Authority


September 17, 1997
From:  Steve Townsen
Subject:  Drop Curbs
Drop Curbs
We have been allowing drop curbs to be built and they have been experiencing significant damage by the builders.  Drop curbs are not allowed in the City Specifications.  We concluded not to allow drop curbs on projects unless it meets one of the following criteria:
  1. In projects where there is to be curb and gutter poured monolithically.
  2. On small, flat projects where the developer obtains pre-approval from our plan reviewers.
  3. For driveways to existing, unoccupied homes.
Handicap Ramps
Landscape and utility contractors have been driving up on handicap ramps to gain access behind the curbs.  This has been causing damage to the ramps. To prevent damage to the ramps in the future, it is recommended to increase the thickness of the concrete to 6".
Temporary Curb Crossing
A common problem has been that curbs are constructed by the street contractor and approved by our inspectors.  The home builders then move on to the site.  They place gravel in the street to get over the curb, but during construction of the house the curb gets chewed-up.  Also, the gravel placed in the street which is used as a ramp is an erosion problem.  The attached drawing shows a wooden curb ramp that would be required in the future.

Filed for inclusion in PPD December 3, 2003.

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