TRN-4.03 - Neighborhood Traffic Management Program Device Lighting Enhancement Policy

Administrative Rules Adopted by Bureaus Pursuant to Rule Making Authority (ARB)
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The Street Lighting Division will continue to apply City Lighting Standards adopted by the City Council. The intersections and streets containing traffic circles and other devices currently conform to the adopted standards and all new installations shall conform to the standards. However, it may be in the public's interest to enhance the lighting in the area of traffic management devices where appropriate.
This policy sets forth the options that may be used to enhance lighting and visibility in the area of traffic circles and other devices. The Street Lighting Division will look at these options and implement as many as are appropriate and reasonably available, taking into account: (1) site specific conditions, including trees, existing lighting, roadway dimensions, etc.; (2) design of the specific device involved; (3) Division financial resources; (4) the effectiveness of prior uses of the options; and (5) any other factors relevant to the decision.
Failure to implement any or all of these options does not mean that the roadway and intersection do not meet adopted City Lighting Standards. The cost of these enhancements will be borne by the Street Lighting Division unless sufficient funds are provided by the Neighborhood Traffic Management Program (NTMP).
Options that may be considered to enhance lighting at NTMP devices:
1. Installation of two (2) street lights per NTMP device location. Luminaire wattage shall match existing lighting. The lights should be located so that illumination is placed on opposing sides of the device. Whenever possible, these lights should be placed over the busier street, or the street without stop signs. This may require the installation of an additional pole. The NTMP section will assist in contacting adjacent property owners when and if pole installation may be in dispute.
2. Use of semi-cutoff luminaires.
3. Spacing from the center of the NTMP device to the luminaires should be 30 to 70 feet.
4. Mounting height should be 28 to 30 feet.
5. Luminaires should be located 4 feet beyond the curbline extension.
6. No trees should be planted between the light source and the NTMP device. Existing trees should be trimmed to 18 feet above the roadway, at least as far back as the curbline.
7. In exceptional cases, a floodlight may be installed on available poles making sure that the oncoming traffic is not affected. This should be done only after consultation with the NTMP staff.
8. In exceptional cases, a post top luminaire specifically specified for NTMP devices may be installed in the center of the device, the installation to be designed in coordination with the NTMP staff. This option is only available after consultation with the NTMP staff.

Filed for inclusion in PPD October 29, 2003.
Adopted by Bureau of Traffic Management as Policy STL-202 April 27, 1990.

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