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TRN-3.311 - 'Permit Only' On-Street Parking Spaces at Public School Sites

Administrative Rules Adopted by Bureaus Pursuant to Rule Making Authority (ARB)
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Administrative Rule Adopted by Portland Bureau of Transportation Pursuant to Rule-Making Authority



Most school sites within the City of Portland have some off-street parking for visitors, faculty, and other uses. A few schools, however, lack off-street parking. In order to give those few schools a limited ability to access a dedicated parking space, PBOT will allow public schools to request one permitted parking space adjacent to the school site subject to criteria outlined below.

Policy and Procedures

•  PBOT will provide one permitted parking space adjacent to each public school site that meets the following criteria:

- The school site has no on-site off-street parking. If a school site has any on site off-street parking, PBOT will not issue a permit to the school.

- The school site is not located within a metered parking district. If a school site is located within a metered parking district, PBOT will not issue a permit to the school.

•  PBOT will charge an annual permit fee based on the current Bureau of Transportation published fee schedule.

•  The designated parking space at each school will be signed, “Parking by Permit only 7AM-4PM School Days.” A permit will be issued to the school with matching restrictions.

•  PBOT will review this policy in 2016 and decide whether to extend it. If PBOT decides not extend the policy, PBOT will notify any schools that have received permits under the policy by February 1, 2016, that the school site will not have a permitted parking space beginning in July 2016. If PBOT extends the policy, it may do so in one year increments; in future years, PBOT must notify school sites by February 1st if it plans not to extend the practice.


City Code Title & Chapter 16.20.600, 16.20.601, and 16.20.680


Adopted by Director of Portland Bureau of Transportation April 16, 2014.

Filed for inclusion in PPD May 13, 2014.

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