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TRN-10.04 - Outdoor Dining Permit

Administrative Rules Adopted by Bureaus Pursuant to Rule Making Authority (ARB)
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Outdoor Dining Permit
Administrative Rule Adopted by the Bureau of Transportation Pursuant to Rule-Making Authority

I.    Definition

Outdoor Dining. For the purposes of this Administrative Rule, Outdoor Dining means serving food or beverage from a business located in an adjacent building to patrons standing or seated at tables located within the Sidewalk or Parking Lane areas adjacent to the business; however, the Outdoor Dining umbrella may also include non-food and beverage vending activities that occur within the Sidewalk or Parking Lane areas.

For more information on the Outdoor Dining program, call (503) 823-4026 or visit…;

II.   Administrative Rule

Rules apply per City Code Chapter 17.25, the Outdoor Dining Program Design Guidelines attached as Exhibit 1 and incorporated herein, and the Outdoor Dining permit requirements.

The Outdoor Dining Program Permit Information and Application is available online at the program’s website. Call (503) 823- 4026 to request the packet by mail.

III. Purpose

These rules establish City decision-making, processing, and program requirements for review and approval of Outdoor Dining permits. Additional permits may need to be obtained from other City bureaus or agencies outside of the City.

IV. Definitions

Certain terms used in these rules are defined by Portland City Code Chapter 17.25.

V. Fees

Fees can be found in PBOT’s Transportation Fee Schedule TRN-3.450

VI. Form and Conditions of Permits

The permit issued shall be in a form deemed suitable by the Director of the Bureau of Transportation (the “Director”) and shall contain conditions and information deemed appropriate by the Director.

All Outdoor Dining permit holders must adhere to and follow the requirements for siting, design, and safety as set forth in the Outdoor Dining Program Design Guidelines and the conditions of the permit.


Violation of these rules may result in revocation of the permit and/or fines as provided for in TRN-8.14.

VIII. Reference

City Code Title & Chapter 17.25

Filed for inclusion in PPD December 19, 2003.
Updated application packet filed in PPD October 8, 2004.
Revised administrative rule adopted by Director of Office of Transportation August 14, 2009.
Updated application packet filed in PPD June 7, 2012.
Amended by Ordinance 191464 on September 27, 2023.

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