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TRN-10.03 - Parking, Lane, Sidewalk and Street Closure Permits

Administrative Rules Adopted by Bureaus Pursuant to Rule Making Authority (ARB)
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I. Definition 

The Bureau of Transportation issues permits for temporary use of the public right-of-way through the Temporary Street Use Permitting (TSUP) Program. Sidewalk closures, parking, lane and street closure permits are issued for a variety of uses as per city code. Some examples of permitted uses for this program include: crane placement or operation, bus loading, mobile medical facilities, funeral vehicles, wedding vehicles, facilitating construction on an adjacent property.

II. Administrative Rule 

Permission of the City Traffic Engineer is required to work in any portion of the ROW within the City of Portland.

Applications may be made for temporary street use permits online at, or by applying in person at the Transportation counter located on the first floor of 1900 SW 4th Avenue.

Details of the (TSUP) Program including: program description, contact information, requirements, application process and fees can be found online at:

Parties working in the right of way are responsible for maintaining a valid temporary street use permit for the duration of their impact to the right of way. Parties that continue to occupy the right of way after a temporary street use permit has expired, or parties that never obtain a temporary street use permit, are subject to fines and retroactive permit fees, calculated from the day the impact to the right of way became a violation. The applicable fines can be found TRN-8.14 – Right-of-Way Use Enforcement Program.

Activities under this rule are subject to enforcement under the Right-of-Way Use Enforcement Program administrative rules (TRN-8.14). These rules establish PBOT’s decision-making criteria for assessing violations and penalties. Recipients of an enforcement action may appeal the issued violation and associated penalties.

III. Reference 

City of Code Title & Chapter 16.20 & Chapter 17.23


Filed for inclusion in PPD December 19, 2003.

Amended by Director of Portland Bureau of Transportation April 10, 2018.

Amended by Development Permitting & Training Group Manager June 5, 2018.

Amended by Deputy Director of Portland Bureau of Transportation September 16, 2020.

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