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TRN-8.01 - Major Encroachments in the Public Right-of-Way

Non-Binding City Policies (NCP)
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Non-binding City Policy

This policy is intended to provide guidelines for the review of major private and public structures in the public rights-of-way. The document consists of general policy statements and standards for the construction of above-grade, at-grade, and below-grade structures in the public rights-of-way. Due to varying importance of the public rights-of-way for traffic and pedestrian movements, open space, light and air, and amenities in different parts of the City, four specific district policies are proposed. The districts are shown in Figure l and described as follows:
l. The Downtown Retail Core: The area enclosed by SW Washington on the north, SW 10th on the west, SW Yamhill on the south, and SW 3rd Avenue on the east.
2. Downtown Portland: The area enclosed by the west bank of the Willamette Rivers the Broadway Bridge and Broadway Ramp, Hoyt Street, Stadium Freeway and Marquam Bridge, and excluding the Downtown Retail Core.
3. Pedestrian Districts: Designated in the Arterial Streets Classification Policy and including the Hollywood Business District, Lents Business District, Lloyd Centers Multnomah Business District, St. Johns Business District, and the West Burnside business area.
4. City-Wide District: The areas of the City of Portland not specifically covered by the above named districts.
The District Policies are intended to guide the public review of major encroachments to insure that the public use of the right-of-way is protected and that the characteristics of each district are preserved.
The General and District Policies together should be used as the basis for determining the approval, disapproval and characteristics of a major encroachment. Procedures for application and public review processes are contained in Chapter Two of this document.

Amended by Resolution No. 37052, adopted by City Council January 8, 2014.
Filed for inclusion in PPD October 27, 2003 by Portland Office of Transportation.
Resolution No. 33189, adopted by City Council June 10, 1982.

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