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TRN-3.406 - “Musician Loading” On-street Parking Spaces to Accommodate Musician Loading/Unloading in Existing Truck Loading Zones

Administrative Rules Adopted by Bureaus Pursuant to Rule Making Authority (ARB)
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Administrative Rule Adopted by Portland Bureau of Transportation Pursuant to Rule-Making Authority



Musicians need parking close to their destination so they may carry their heavy and fragile instruments from the street into a venue (e.g., items such as drums, speakers, keyboards, and similar). In that context, musicians have similar parking needs as freight vehicles. This administrative rule is intended to recognize this need by creating a specific capability for designated musicians to park in selected truck loading zones up to 30 minutes so they may more safely accomplish their loading and unloading activities into and out of a venue. As a direct support for the needs of musicians, this TRN is likewise supporting both the cultural ambiance and economic draw of the City.

Policy and Procedures

  PBOT will identify and partner with organizations serving musicians in the metropolitan Portland area to establish an annual vehicle sticker, marker, placard, or similar (hereafter, “Identifier”) so Parking Enforcement may recognize vehicles being utilized by musicians for active loading and/or unloading.

  The Identifier will be unique for each calendar year (for example, by color), developed by partner organizations, and provided to musicians without regard to race, gender, religious affiliation, mental or physical disability, color, sexual orientation, national origin, place of residence, age, gender identity, or source of income. The design of the Identifier will be subject to approval by PBOT.

  For PBOT’s purposes, the Identifier shall be functionally equivalent to a parking permit.

  To be valid, the Identifier must be visibly displayed as follows:

- If designed to hang, then hung from the vehicle’s rear-view mirror;

- If a sticker, then attached to the passenger-side inside edge of the vehicle’s front windshield; however, partner organizations will actively work to achieve two stickers per vehicle, one on each side of the front windshield.

  The Identifier will not be valid in a parking space which has been otherwise reserved by permit through the City of Portland.

  Vehicles displaying the Identifier shall be allowed to park in selected truck loading zones (hereafter, “Selected TLZ”) for up to 30 minutes, irrespective of vehicle type or other requirements which adhere to parking in truck loading zones per Section 16.20.220 of Portland City Code.

  Following are the Selected TLZ blockface locations subject to this administrative rule:

- SW 3rd Avenue, west side, W Burnside St. to SW Ankeny St.

- SW Oak Street, south side, SW Broadway to SW Park Ave.

- SW Salmon Street, south side, SW Park Ave. to SW Broadway

- SW 4th Avenue, west side, SW Alder St. to SW Washington St.

- SW Alder Street, north side, SW 5th Ave. to SW 4th Ave.

- SW Broadway, west side, SW Main St. to SW Madison St.

- SW Madison Street, north side, SW Park Ave. to SW Broadway

- SW Stark Street, north side, W Burnside St. to SW 12th Ave.

- SW Stark Street, south side, W Burnside St. to SW 12th Ave.

- SW 12th Avenue, east side, SW Stark St. to W Burnside St.

- NW 10th Avenue, west side, NW Couch St. to NW Davis St.

- NW Couch Street, south side, NW Broadway to NW 6th Ave.

- NW Everett Street, south side, NW 13th Ave. to NW 12th Ave.

- NW 13th Avenue, west side, NW Everett St. to NW Davis St.

- SE Belmont Street, south side, SE 33rd Ave. to SE 34th Ave.

- SE 34th Avenue, west side, SE Morrison St. to SE Belmont St.

- N Mississippi Avenue, west side, N Beech St. to N Fremont St.

- N Mississippi Avenue, west side, N Shaver St. to N Failing St.

  Each Selected TLZ shall be signed with a 6” X 12” green-themed permissive rider stating, “MUSICIAN LOADING BY PERMIT.”

  In the event a musician’s vehicle with a valid Identifier is displayed at the time a citation was issued, is inadvertently cited by PBOT Parking Enforcement for parking in a truck loading zone as a violation of Section 16.20.220 of Portland City Code, and the recipient of that citation submits it to a Parking Enforcement Manager within two business days of its receipt: The Parking Enforcement Manager will review the circumstances of that citation and make a determination whether it may be cancelled.

  This administrative rule will initiate as a pilot project valid between February 1, 2019 and December 31, 2019. It may sustain as an annual calendar-year program thereafter until such time that PBOT takes affirmative action to terminate this administrative rule.


City Code Title & Chapter: 16.20.600,16.20.601, and 16.20.680


Adopted by Director of Portland Bureau of Transportation January 30, 2019.

Filed for inclusion in PPD February 14, 2019.

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