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TRN-10.26 - Sign Adjustments in Right-of-Way

Administrative Rules Adopted by Bureaus Pursuant to Rule Making Authority (ARB)
Policy number
Administrative Rule Adopted by Bureau of Transportation Engineering & Development Pursuant to Rule-Making Authority

I. Discussion
Per City Code Title and Chapter 3.12, the City Engineer has the authority to regulate objects in the public right-of-way. City Code Title and Chapter 32 also regulates signs that are attached to buildings and may extend into the right-of-way. In order to safely and effectively manage the right-of-way, the City Engineer will grant approval to signs that are substantially in compliance with the requirements of City Code Title Chapter 32.
Unless specifically provided in City Code Title and Chapter 32, private signs are not permitted in the right-of-way (per administrative rule regarding encroachments).

II. Administrative Rules for Sign Adjustments Impacting the Right-of-Way
1. Signs may extend into the public right-of-way, but no closer than 2 feet from the curb line, regardless of height.
2. Signs may extend into the public right-of-way with an area in the right-of-way that is not substantially larger than 30 square feet.

III. Reference
Pursuant to Rulemaking Authority under City Code Title and Chapter 3.12

Filed for inclusion in PPD December 19, 2003.

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