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TRN-3.109 - Oregon Health Science University Meter District

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The Council finds:
1. In early 2002, Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) approached the Portland Office of Transportation (PDOT) with the desire to create short-term parking on public right-of-way for visitors to OSHU property
2. In August 2002, PDOT convened a Project Advisory Committee (PAC) to evaluate the need for metered on-street parking on Marquam Hill. The PAC represents various interests, recommended the implementation of a pilot parking meter district on the OHSU campus, and developed the following objectives:
  • Produce turnover by pricing the on-street parking component
  • Provide short-term parking for visitors closest to their intended destination
  • Create on-street compatibility to the existing campus pay-to-park environment
  • Provide opportunity to increase enforcement in the Homestead neighborhood
  • Determine impacts, if any, to Homestead neighborhood with advent of meters
  • Enhance alternative modes of transportation for the OHSU campus
3. Title 16.20.420, Determination of Meter District Boundaries, allows establishment of a parking meter district with proper public notice and hearings, and approval by this Council.
4. On October 15, 2003, Council approved Ordinance No. 177970, implementation of the OHSU Meter District Pilot Project for a demonstration period of 6-9 months to determine if a larger, permanent meter district was appropriate.
5. During the demonstration period which began on December 1, 2003 and soon to conclude, the objectives identified by the PAC were successfully met by an increase in parking space availability by 26-55% throughout the day and increased enforcement in the district and reduced parking incursion in the adjacent Homestead neighborhood. These results of the pilot project have successfully demonstrated to City staff and the PAC that a permanent meter district for OHSU is appropriate.
6. Notice of a public hearing was mailed to all properties within 400 feet of and all City-recognized neighborhood and business associations within 1000 feet of the proposed meter district 20 days prior to the hearing.
7. A public hearing was held on July 26 and all persons registering their attendance at the public hearing were mailed notice of the City Council meeting 20 days prior to the meeting.
8. The Parking Meter District Policy dated January 1996 stipulates that any revenues remaining after capital and operating expenses are covered may be allocated to support district transportation and parking services. Although the Policy is directed at commercial districts and the Marquam Hill area is an institutional district, it is beset with significant parking issues which makes the application of the Policy appropriate.
9. PDOT has undertaken an initiative to formally delineate the boundaries of the OHSU meter district together with the other existing meter districts.

NOW THEREFORE, the Council directs:
a. The Portland Office of Transportation to maintain parking meters in a permanent OHSU meter district and hereby approves the OHSU Meter District boundaries as defined in the OHSU Parking Management Plan attached as Exhibit A.
b. The approval of other meter district boundaries as defined in the attached Exhibits B & C .
c. The parking meter rates for the district shall be $1.00 per hour for short-term and $0.60 per hour for long-term. Short-term and long-term rate unification will be implemented as directed by Council in Ordinance No. 178672.
d. This ordinance is binding City policy and replaces Portland Policy Document BCP-TRN-3.01.
Ordinance No. 178687 passed by Council and effective August 19, 2004.
(Re-indexed by City Auditor September 2005 - formerly indexed as BCP-TRN-3.01)

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