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TRN-3.107 - Lloyd On-Street Parking Management Plan (2002)

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The Council finds:
1. On May 21, 1997 the Council adopted the Lloyd Plan which established the boundaries, time limits, and meter rates for the on-street parking district. Objectives of the Lloyd Meter District included effectively managing parking supply to support adjacent land uses, preserving priority for on-street parking spaces, ensuring long-term parking spaces were used by district employees not commuters, and supporting district efforts to transition employee commute trips to a more diverse range of options (i.e.: transit, bike, walk, and rideshare).
2. Since installation of parking meters in 1997 many of the 2-hour (short-term) meter locations have been underutilized which suggests that the meter time limits are not supportive of the adjacent land uses.
3. The hourly rate at long-term meters ($0.35 per hour) has not changed since 1997. This rate has not kept pace with the rising cost of monthly transit passes over the same period, and the as a result, it is now less expensive to park all day at a 5-hour meter than to purchase a monthly transit pass.
4. Establishing the long-term meter rate at $.50 per hour sets the monthly on-street parking rate at a level that continues to encourage the use of transit.
5. That increasing the parking rate at long-term meters, coupled with improving the mix of 2 and 5-hour meters in the district, will result in continued improvements in transit use and better access to the nearby land uses.

Now Therefore, the Council directs:
a. The Bureau of Transportation System Management to establish meter rates at long-term meters in the Lloyd District at $0.50 per hour.
b. The Bureau of Transportation System Management to change the mix of the time limits, among 2 and 5-hour meters, to better support adjacent land uses.

Ordinance No. 176833 passed by Council July 10, 2002.
Filed for inclusion in PPD December 5, 2003.
(Re-indexed by City Auditor October 2005 - formerly indexed as BCP-TRN-3.26)

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