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TRN-3.217 - Jeld-Wen Field Season Annually Recurring Program

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SECTION 1. The Council finds:
1. On May 18, 2000, City Council approved the PGE Park Comprehensive Transportation Management Plan (CTMP) and Good Neighbor Agreement with Portland Family Entertainment via Ordinance No. 174443. The CTMP required the development of a parking plan for Northwest Portland prior to opening day of PGE Park on April 30, 2001, to mitigate the impacts of PGE Park events on the neighborhood.
2. The Bureau of Transportation System Management and a Citizen Advisory Committee collaborated to develop a Phase I Parking Plan for Northwest Portland. City Council approved the Pilot Area Parking Permit Program for Northwest Portland on. April 18, 2001, and re-authorized the program on March 20, 2002 and on March 12, 2003.
3. The Pilot Area Parking Permit Program has successfully met the primary objective of discouraging PGE Park patrons from parking in Northwest Portland.
4. The Bureau of Transportation System Management recommends that the PGE Area Parking Permit Program for Northwest Portland be implemented again on an annually recurring basis for each season. City Code provisions of Title 16, for establishing area permit parking programs, do not adequately address the unique circumstances in the program area needed to mitigate PGE Park event impacts.
5. The boundaries of Zone L overlap Zone K east of NW 18th Avenue. The land uses in the overlap area bounded by West Burnside, NW 16th Avenue, NW Everett and NW 18th Avenue are primarily daytime-related land uses and are not as negatively impacted by PGE Park patrons as the more residential areas of Zone L.
6. Apartment residents west of NW 18th Avenue in this overlap area have difficulty parking during the period of Zone L enforcement. The Zone K Committee concluded that modifying the boundary of Zone L to exclude this overlap area would provide relief for the apartment residents west of NW 18th Avenue.
7. A comprehensive parking plan to address parking concerns in the neighborhood has been the subject of extensive deliberation and debate and is currently in suspension as a result of Report No. 174 being accepted by the City Council at its February 25, 2004, meeting.

NOW, THEREFORE, the Council directs:
a. The Bureau of Transportation System Management to re-establish, on an annually recurring basis, the PGE Park Area Parking Permit Program that takes exception to Title 16 of the City Code as specifically called out in Code 16.20.800, Sections 16.20.830, 16.20.840, 16.20.850, and 16.20.860.
b. The Bureau of Transportation System Management to implement the POE Park Area Parking Permit Program prior to the opening of each new POE Park baseball season.
c. The boundaries of Zone L be modified to remove that portion of its overlap with Zone K situated between NW 18th Avenue, NW Hoyt, NW 16th Avenue and W Burnside (Exhibit A).
d. The Spectator Facilities Fund to provide an annual budget to support event-parking enforcement. The current five-year Financial Plan for the Spectator Facilities Fund includes an allocation of $40,000 for this purpose.
The Council declares an emergency exists because delay in implementation of this on-street parking management program would interrupt the ability of the Portland Office of Transportation to provide mitigation measures to the Northwest Portland neighborhood by opening of the 2004 PGE Park baseball season; therefore, this Ordinance shall be in full force and effect from and after its passage by the Council.

Emergency Ordinance No. 178267, passed by City Council and effective March 24, 2004.
Filed for inclusion in PPD May 19, 2005.
Renamed by City Auditor April 20, 2011. Formerly PGE Park Season Annually Recurring Program.

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