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TRN-3.215 - Area Parking Program Fee Schedule and Cost-of-Service Analysis

Binding City Policies (BCP)
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Section 1. The Council finds:
1. By Ordinance No. 151569 the Bureau of Traffic Management (now the Bureau of Transportation System Management) was directed to implement a Resident Parking Program that restricted parking by non-resident vehicles, and established eligibility, process, and fee criteria for neighborhood involvement.
2. By Ordinance No. 158698 Council acknowledged the importance of the Resident Parking Program to be financially self-supporting, and raised the annual renewal permit fee to $10 per vehicle in order to increase program cost recovery to 80 percent level.
3. By Ordinance No. 165189 the program was changed to include areas that were not exclusively residential. The name of the program was changed from the Resident Parking Permit Program to the Area Parking Permit Program (APPP).
4. By Resolution No. 35005 adopted by Council in June 1992, bureaus are required to conduct cost-of-service studies and recover costs for services that primarily benefit private concerns.
5. In 1994, the Bureau of Traffic Management (now the Bureau of Transportation System Management) conducted a cost-of service analysis that established APP permit costs at $13 for the District Start Process and $32 per permit vehicle for the Annual Renewal Process. The bureau recommended that APPP program fees continue to be subsidized by the City.
6. By Ordinance No. 167927 adopted by Council in July 1994, the APPP permit fee (Annual Renew Process) was increased from $10 to $15 per permit vehicle. The District Start Process fee was created and established as the level of $6 per permit.
7. Area Parking Permit Program services have grown to include nine program areas over 10, 081 permitted vehicles. Program services have expanded beyond the scope of achieving primarily citywide goals, and the demand for new program services continues to primarily benefit residents and in program areas. These programs are created through a vote of residents and businesses and can be eliminated by those residents and businesses through a similar voting process.
8. In lieu of reducing or eliminating APPP program services FY 02/03, the Portland Office of Transportation (Transportation) recommended that APPP permit holders pay the full cost of program services. The mayor’s adopted budget for FY 02/03 includes this full cost recovery provision in Transportation’s budget.
9. The APPP cost of service analysis has been updated (August 2002) to show the cost of administering and maintaining the program. The model shows program costs of $32.27 for annual permit renewals, and $25.41 per permit for the establishment of new APPP districts (Start Process).
10. The APPP cost of service analysis model will be used to update program service cost on an annual basis and those costs will be used to make any necessary annual rate adjustments. Any necessary rate adjustments will reflect reductions or increases to program services, and permit services, and permit fees will be calculated accordingly. The Bureau of Transportation System Management will explore alternatives to keep program permit fees as low as possible by reducing program costs and producing program efficiencies.
11. In April of 2002, the Bureau of Transportation System Management notified APPP permit holders of the bureau’s recommendation to increase permit fees from $15 to $32 per year and held public meetings to receive comments. Special meetings with the chairs of the APPP district committees were also held to discuss their concerns and issues regarding the recommendations.

Now Therefore, the Council directs:
a. The fee schedule for the Bureau of Transportation System Management Area Parking Permit Program, attached as exhibit A, hereby approved.
b. The authority for the City Traffic Engineer to update the APPP cost of service analysis (using the August 2002 cost-of-service model) annually and any make necessary adjustments to permit fees, is approved.
c. The City Code be amended to provide administrative provisions for appropriate advanced notification to permit holders of any change in permit fees.

Bureau of Transportation System Management Fee Schedule
Parking ServiceCurrent FeeFY 02-03 Fee
Area Parking Permit Program (APPP)--

    Annual permit renewal


    New District Start Process


Ordinance No. 176868 passed by Council August 28, 2002.
Filed for inclusion in PPD December 5, 2003.
(Re-indexed by City Auditor October 2005 - formerly indexed as BCP-TRN-3.27)

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