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TRN-3.205 - Goose Hollow Residential Parking Permit Program Modifications

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The Council finds:
1. By Ordinance #156246, June 28, 1984, the Bureau of Traffic Management was directed to implement a Residential Parking Permit Program within the Goose Hollow neighborhood, to monitor the program for 90 days, and return to Council to establish the final operating structures.
2. That the Bureau of Traffic Management has monitored the Goose Hollow RPPP and determined that the following modifications to the boundaries and operating structures are appropriate: that Lincoln High School students be issued a limited number of special parking permits; that 4 hour time limit area be reduced; and that an area within the Goose Hollow neighborhood previously excluded from the Goose Hollow RPPP be included.
3. That Chapter 16.52.040 (5) of the City code requires 50% of mailed ballots be returned within 30 days, but that this return rate was not met until 33 days after mailing to the residents in the excluded area.
4. That the Bureau of Traffic Management has determined this area of the Goose Hollow neighborhood has determined by petition and ballot its desire to participate in the residential parking permit program; and recommends waiving the 30 day balloting requirement by granting a 3 day extension, and approving the program as modified.
5. That the Bureau of Traffic Management has met with residents, businesspersons, students, and others in the Goose Hollow neighborhood, and has their support for these recommendations.
6. That the Bureau of Traffic Management, has determined that the formula for issuing parking permits to employees is working well; that continued monitoring for the Goose Hollow RPPP on Civic Stadium events is desirable, and that the use of two parking lots in the Goose Hollow neighborhood owned by the Multnomah Athletic Club is an issue not related to the Goose Hollow RPPP.
7. That the Bureau of Traffic Management has sufficient appropriations in its current operations budget to support these recommended changes in the Goose Hollow RPPP.

Now, Therefore, the Council directs:
a. The provision in Chapter 16.52.040 (5) of the City code regarding a 30 day balloting period be waived, and the result of the 33 day balloting period be accepted as sufficient indication by the residents and businesspersons of Goose Hollow area previously excluded to participate in the Goose Hollow RPPP.
b. The boundaries of the Goose Hollow RPPP be extended to include the previously excluded, as identified in exhibit "A", (PDF document, 90kb) and with an operational date prior to May 1, 1985.
c. The Bureau of Traffic Management to issue special parking permits to Lincoln High School students for use in the Goose hollow RPPP area according to the specifications detailed in Exhibit "B"(PDF document, 96kb).
d. The Bureau of Traffic Management to reduce the 4 hour permit area in accordance with the boundaries as described in Exhibit "C" (PDF document, 77kb).
e. The Bureau of Traffic Management to continue to monitor the effect on the program of Civic Stadium events, and coordinate meetings between the Goose Hollow foothills League and the Exposition-Recreation Commission to resolve issues which may arise.
f. Minor modifications within existing program boundaries are operating structures may be administratively handled by the City Traffic Engineer and Commissioner-in-charge when goose Hollow Foothills League and the other parties directly concerned (the Portland Garden Club or the Lincoln High School Student Body) are in agreement.

Ordinance No. 157166 passed by Council March 21, 1985.
Filed for inclusion in PPD December 5, 2003.
(Re-indexed by City Auditor October 2005 - formerly indexed as BCP-TRN-3.19)

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