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TRN-3.204 - Goose Hollow and Homestead Residential Parking Permit Programs

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WHEREAS, serious adverse effects are caused in a certain areas and neighborhoods in the city of Portland by motor vehicle congestion, particularly the long term parking of motor vehicles on the streets of such areas and neighborhoods by non-residents thereof;

WHEREAS, the City council passed Ordinance No. 150346 on September 4, 1980, which allowed for the creation of Residential Parking Permit Programs in neighborhoods that are effected by such serious motor vehicle congestion to limit the long term use of curb parking space to registered resident vehicles only.

WHEREAS, the two neighborhoods designated as the Goosehollow Foothills League and the Homestead Neighborhood Association are currently adversely affected by street parking congestion beyond their control, are applying to the Bureau of Traffic Engineering for Residential Parking Permit Programs, and have been determined by the Bureau of Traffic Engineering to meet the necessary criteria to be eligible for said programs.

WHEREAS, the cost to implement the Residential Parking Permit Programs for Goosehollow Foothills League and Homestead Neighborhood Association is approximately $117,200;

WHEREAS, this expense is not budgeted in the fiscal year 1983-84 Budget, and the 1983-84 Budget cannot be altered until it is adopted by Council in late July 1, 1983;

WHEREAS, both Residential Parking Permit Programs should be in effect by September 1, 1983 to prove effective and, therefore, advance development work should begin by the neighborhoods and the Bureau of Traffic Engineering by July 1, 1983;


Now Therefore, be it resolved by the Council of the City of Portland;

1. The City Council recognizes the existing adverse parking conditions in the Goosehollow and Homestead neighborhoods and the subsequent impact on neighborhood livability, and supports the concept of Residential Parking Permit Programs to alleviate this condition.

2. The City Council intends to fund the necessary startup and implementation expenses, as identified in Exhibit A from Unforeseen Reimbursables (approximately $108, 200) and the General Fund Contingency (approximately $9,000).

The City Council directs the Bureau of Traffic Engineering to prepare an ordinance appropriating the above funds (approximately $117.200) and adjustifying the FY 1983-84 Bureau of Traffic Engineering budget and relative interagency agreements with other provider bureaus; said ordinance to direct the Bureau of Traffic engineering to proceed with the implementation of Residential Parking Permit programs for the Goosehollow and Homestead neighborhoods on July1, 1983 with an operational date of September 1, 1983.

Resolution No. 33487 adopted by Council June 15, 1983.
Filed for inclusion in PPD December 5, 2003.
(Re-indexed by City Auditor October 2005 - formerly indexed as BCP-TRN-3.18)

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