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E-Government is a process by which the City delivers information and services electronically. It allows citizens and businesses easy access to government and streamlined business processes. E-Government interactions are often categorized in terms of citizen or business to government, government to citizen or business, and government to government. Government to government can also include providing employees easy access to electronic information and processes which improve their productivity. E-Government supports the goal of a fully connected integrated digital environment where citizens, government and employees can seamlessly interact with the City 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Council Resolutions 35413, 36109, and 36170 provide the foundation for the City’s pursuit of E-Government.

This BTS Administrative Rule addresses development and ongoing management of City E-Government Services to achieve these primary goals:

• The operation of a single City web portal.

• The operation of a single identity and sign on system for both Citizens and City staff.

• The operation of a single system used to securely process all E-Commerce transactions.

Web Content Management and Publishing

The Bureau of Technology Services provides the infrastructure, software and basic presentation and navigation format for the City web presence. Bureaus shall use the PortlandOnline Content Management System (CMS), to manage all Internet web content. PortlandOnline shall serve as the portal to access all customer facing City web applications in order to achieve the objective of Council Resolution 35413.

All news, policy and project posting shall comply with Council Resolution 36109, requiring inclusion on the news page of PortlandOnline.

All notification of meetings for the general public shall comply with Council Resolution 36170, requiring inclusion in the calendar application within PortlandOnline.

To maintain the coherence of the City of Portland web presence, and to leverage the investments in the internet platform, all projects, consulting, equipment, and software acquisition relating to web content presentation and web applications will be subject to the project review and approval by the CTO or designee.


E-Services such as permitting, billing, licensing etc. will be made available using anEnterprisestrategy and architecture. Any Bureau that is looking to provide an E-Service must coordinate with the Bureau of Technology Services at the earliest opportunity.

To leverage the security and integration investments in the City’s Web platform, any and all projects, consulting requests, equipment and software acquisition requests relating to E-Service delivery will be subject to review and approval by the CTO or designee.

User Authentication

All online services that require user authentication will utilize the standard PortlandOnline Single Sign-On system. Any online service that requires storing user account information for security, enhanced service or future correspondence will be stored and managed in the central City directory. With the unified authentication system, Bureaus will retain the ability to establish the criteria and process to authorize users to access their Bureau specific applications.


When City Bureaus have electronic commerce service applications that allow electronic receipt of electronic check or payment card transactions such as Visa, or Master Card over the web, the electronic receipts approval requests will be routed to the centralized Payment Processing Gateway (PPG) for approval or disapproval by the City’s merchant services provider. The PPG is a City developed electronic payment processing web service and connection mechanism to route payment card receipts to the City’s payment processing provider, with integration to support the reconciliation process. Note: Discover and American Express cards are not allowed for electronic payment unless specific approval has been received from the Treasury Division.

All E-Commerce transactions must be approved and comply with standards and polices set by the Treasury Division.

Any acquisition or implementation of an alternative electronic receipt approval process must be approved by the CTO and City Treasurer. The Bureau of Technology will have responsibility for the technical assessment of the compatibility of any proposed alternatives to the PPG and will render a final decision once that assessment has been completed. The Treasury Division is responsible for the contract administration of the City Payment Card processor contract and coordination of City Bureaus utilization of that contract.

BTS shall be responsible for periodic review of the security mechanisms that support E-Commerce.

Web Services and Infrastructure

All public and private callable "Web Service" functions must be coordinated with the Bureau of Technology Services to comply with both architecture and security standards. BTS is responsible for implementing and managing all necessary technology infrastructure related to delivering web based services and applications. This includes but is not limited to hardware, software, networks and security.

Domain Names

The City of Portland, consistent with adopted policy, has transitioned and branded into the domain names of and

The Bureau of Technology Services has ownership of the and domains and makes it available to agencies that are launching applications, even if not part of the PortlandOnline technology platform.

Bureaus will not be permitted to insert bureau identifiers between the www and or to create a sub-domain address

Where Bureau identifiers are necessary, they will follow a virgule after the .com or .gov to form an address similar to In this example the letters "bts" act as the abbreviation for the "Bureau of Technology Services". Readily identifiable character combinations should be used to identify Bureau service areas. The use of new alternative addresses for access to City websites requires the approval of the CTO and should meet at least one of the following criteria:

• The website is a special purpose website with an audience with limited expected overlap with the PortlandOnline users community

• The website is a special purpose website under the control of an intergovernmental or public/private partnership where branding the City’s leadership will lead to partnership relationship problems; unless essential to sustaining the partnership, this exception should not be used if the City’s contribution is significant and in support of a Council priority objective.

All domain name registration and management will be the responsibility of the Bureau of Technology Services.

All new and renewal domain registration requests must be approved by the CTO.

Archived Records

Bureaus and Offices will maintain an official archive of version records of all appropriate archival material posted on the web site. Bureaus will remove and archive information according the City Auditor policies and procedures.

Authorized by Ordinance No. 179999 passed by Council March 15, 2006 and effective April 14, 2006.
Revised rule adopted by Chief Administrative Officer of Office of Management and Finance and filed for inclusion in PPD April 17, 2012.

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