BTS-4.02 - Shared Data

Administrative Rules Adopted by City Council (ARC)
Policy number
Administrative Rule Adopted by Council

Access to accurate, consistent data is critical for the operational performance of the City’s Bureaus and Offices.
The purpose of this policy is to define the methods and responsibilities for storing and managing common, shared data to minimize the likelihood of compromises to data integrity and confidentiality while providing for efficient and cost effective services.

Administrative Rule
The City of Portland shall establish and maintain a repository for data (in single or multiple locations as appropriate) or hub for all corporate data; data defined as “confidential” by applicable City Code, State statute, Federal laws or binding legal agreement may be stored separately or stored in a common repository provided appropriate safeguards are provided for this confidential data in the repository and in transit to and from the repository. SeeCity Code 6.04.130.

Bureaus shall work with BTS to achieve a long-term goal of reducing duplicate instances of shared data, to improve data integrity across the enterprise.
The Bureau of Technology Services shall be responsible for the maintenance of the corporate data repository or hub systems, as well as the appropriate data access tools for the City of Portland.
Business System Owners and Data Custodians are responsible for defining access privileges and classifying data appropriately as to its level of confidentiality. See BTS Rule 2.02 SECURITY ROLES & RESPONSIBILITIES.
System Operators are responsible for the internal procedures that ensure secure access to and protection of data stored in the business data repository system.

Originally published as PPD number ARC-BIT-2.09, authorized by Ordinance No. 177048, passed by Council and effective November 6, 2002.
Revised by Ordinance No. 179999 passed by Council March 15, 2006 and effective April 14, 2006.
Re-indexed by Auditor as PPD number ARC-BTS-4.02.

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