BTS-1.04 - Consolidation Of Technology Systems

Administrative Rules Adopted by Bureaus Pursuant to Rule Making Authority (ARB)
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Administrative Rule Adopted by Office of Management and Finance Pursuant to Rule-Making Authority

A consolidated system for technology business processes, including network management, data storage and retrieval, system security, accounting, financial, purchasing, and human resource management systems, enables more efficient monitoring, and management of the City’s assets, resources and expenditures. It eliminates continued investment in duplicate systems and processes and lowers costs by reducing the effort required to acquire, transfer, manage and manipulate data

Administrative Rule
All existing and future technology systems involving use of City owned information that support business processes for accounting, financial, human resources, workflow management, data collection, and data management, will be consolidated into a single, coherent technology environment, unless specifically exempted by the CTO (or designated representative).
Where services cross Bureau lines, the CTO or designated representative shall decide on how they will be integrated. The CTO or designated representative, working collaboratively with affected bureaus, is authorized to implement the City's standards for system consolidation.
All upgrades to existing corporate administrative services systems - accounting, financial, human resources, purchases, etc - or related application development, shall require review by the CTO (or designated representative), the appropriate corporate business manager* and the CAO.
All other software systems that are or determined to be “corporate systems”, over time will require review by the CTO (or designee) and the CAO.
(* Finance Director, Human Resources Director, Purchases Director, etc.)

BTS will work collaboratively with Bureaus to develop and implement retirement/migration plans, for legacy or proprietary systems. System retirement and migration resource requirements will be addressed via the Technology Fund.

Originally published as PPD number ARC-BIT-1.07, authorized by Ordinance No. 177048, passed by Council and effective November 6, 2002.
Revised by Ordinance No. 179999 passed by Council March 15, 2006 and effective April 14, 2006.
Re-indexed by Auditor as PPD number ARC-BTS-1.04.
Revised rule adopted by Chief Administrative Officer of Office of Management and Finance and filed for inclusion in PPD April 17, 2012.

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