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PSF-5.23 - Citizen Review Committee - Independent Police Review Division - CRC Member Duties and Responsibilities

Administrative Rules Adopted by Bureaus Pursuant to Rule Making Authority (ARB)
Policy number
Administrative Rule Adopted by Auditor's Office Pursuant to Rule-Making Authority

I.  Portland City Code (PCC) Section 3.21.090 A. defines the powers and duties of the Citizen Review Committee (CRC). The following information elaborates on the duties and the responsibilities of the CRC members.
A.  Conduct Meetings
The CRC is required to conduct at least 4 public meetings each year. It is the responsibility of each CRC member to attend all scheduled meetings. Excusals may be granted for occasional schedule conflicts, illnesses, etc. Notice of expected absence shall be provided to the CRC Chair and to the IPR Director prior to the meeting. (See PCC 3.21.080.B.3.)
B.  Gather Community Concerns
The CRC shall participate in various community meetings to hear comments and concerns about police services. In addition to attending such meetings, CRC members are expected to assist in scheduling community persons/agencies to attend/address CRC meetings.
C.  Recommend Policy Changes
The CRC shall assist the IPR Director to identify patterns of problems and participate in the development of policy recommendations. As provided in PCC 3.21.070.J., CRC members will assist in identifying policy related or quality of investigation issues for further review in officer involved shootings and death in custody cases. (See also, PCC 3.21.120 and 3.21.170 (C).)
D.  Advise on Operations
CRC members will review methods for handling complaints and advise the IPR Director on the criteria for dismissal, mediation and investigation. (See also, PCC 3.21.120 and 3.21.170 (C).)
E.  Hear Appeals
The CRC shall hold hearings of complainant or officer appeals. In preparation for the hearings, each CRC member is required to review the IAD and IPR case files. (See also PCC 3.21.160.)
F.  Outreach to the Public
The Independent Police Review (IPR) frequently meets with community groups to explain its role in police oversight. CRC members are expected to participate in these meetings and to work with IPR to increase public access to the complaint process. (See PCC 3.21.180.)
G.  Create Other Committees
From time to time, the CRC may create work groups, which may include non-CRC members to gather community concerns, recommend policy changes and/or advise on operations. CRC members are expected to serve on one or more of these work groups.
II.  In addition to the duties stated above, CRC members are expected to adhere to the following:
A.  Communications
CRC members will be guided by PSF-5.04 - CRC- IPR - Communication Guidelines on maintaining confidentiality of individuals involved in cases that come before the Committee and of the case documents themselves; representing the CRC without prior permission; and retaining copies of e-mail correspondence with other members.
B.  Working Together
CRC members will be guided by PSF-5.17 - CRC - IPR - Guidance for Working Together Effectively in maintaining a spirit of commitment and collaboration; promoting efficiency and effectiveness; honoring diversity and respect for all individuals; and communicating in an open, constructive manner.
C.  Training
CRC members shall familiarize themselves with governing ordinances and protocols, participate in orientation and training activities that may include review of Portland Police Bureau and IPR procedures, attending the PPB’s Citizen Academy , ride-alongs with police officers, and training on investigative procedures. (See PCC 321.080.B.1.) CRC members shall also attend CRC initiated retreats.
D.  Voting
CRC members will vote on all official actions of the CRC unless excused by the Chair. The Chair may identify certain matters which require CRC members to explain their vote.
E.  Other Initiatives
CRC members are expected to participate in other short or long term initiatives such as developing periodic reports (PCC 3.21.070(D) and 3.21.090(A)6), serving on the selection committee for new CRC members (Section 3.21.080.A.2.), serving on the Use of Force and Performance Review Boards and on task forces working to improve police procedures.
III.  Should a member cease to, or become unable to, fulfill the duties and responsibilities of a CRC member as specified above, the member should voluntarily resign. Should the member fail to do so, the CRC may choose to report the failure to perform to the City Council, through the IPR Director and City Auditor, with a recommendation for the removal of the member and that a new member be appointed.


Adopted by City Auditor and filed for inclusion in PPD December 7, 2007.

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