PSF-5.18 - Citizen Review Committee - City Auditor's Independent Police Review Division - Policy Review Protocol

Administrative Rules Adopted by Bureaus Pursuant to Rule Making Authority (ARB)
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Administrative Rule Adopted by Auditor's Office Pursuant to Rule-Making Authority
The Director of the City Auditor's Independent Police Review (IPR) division is authorized to evaluate the Portland Police Bureau (Police Bureau) complaint processes, investigation practices, and other data to make recommendations to the Chief of Police to improve operations and prevent future problems. The following guidelines are provided to assist the Citizen Review Committee (CRC) in performing its duties to advise the Director in identifying specific patterns of problems and to participate in the development of policy recommendations. (Portland City Code 3.21.070.F and 3.21.090.A.3)

1. Any CRC member, IPR staff member, or member of the public may identify an issue for review. Issues may include those resulting from appeal hearings, media concerns, public input, etc.

2. CRC will discuss the issue, and in collaboration with IPR, determine if it is one CRC wishes to pursue. If CRC votes to move forward with the proposed policy review, CRC will prioritize the issue in terms of CRC's goals and other projects.

3. If CRC agrees to address the policy review right away or as soon as is feasible, a workgroup will be designated. If not, the policy review issue will be added to CRC's Tracking List for future consideration. Once convened, at least one IPR staff member will participate in each workgroup unless the Director determines otherwise. Members of the public who are not CRC members may attend workgroup meetings and provide input.

4. As provided for in PSF-5.12- Workgroup Protocol, the workgroup will meet, elect a chair, and develop a mission statement and work plan to present to CRC for approval. The plan will include anticipated support needed from IPR, such as AIM data analysis, assistance with literature and case file searches, contact with the Police Bureau and other police departments, and administrative support.

5. CRC will review the mission statement and work plan, take public comment, seek input from stakeholders, and accept, suggest modifications to, or reject the plan.

6. Once the mission statement and work plan are approved, the workgroup will take action to accomplish the work plan objectives. Input will be sought from the public, the Police Bureau, IPR, and others as deemed necessary. Efforts will be made to include participation by stakeholders affected by the policy under review. The chair will provide status reports to CRC at the monthly meetings.

7. The workgroup, with the assistance of IPR, will prepare a draft report, depending on the nature of the project. The workgroup will review, discuss, and approve the draft report at one of its regularly scheduled meetings. The workgroup will forward the draft report to the Police Bureau for its review, input, and correction of any factual errors.

8. Based on the Police Bureau comments, the workgroup with assistance of IPR, may make any needed changes and prepare a final draft report. The final draft will be made available to the public for comment prior to its presentation to the full CRC for approval.

9. The final draft of the workgroup's report will be presented to the full CRC during its regular monthly meeting. Once the full CRC has reviewed and discussed the final draft and heard public comments and questions, it will vote to approve the final draft. If the final draft report is not approved by the majority of the full CRC, the workgroup will take necessary action and present a revised final draft report at a later date for reconsideration by the full CRC. If the final draft report is approved by a majority of the full CRC, the workgroup with IPR staff participation, will draft a cover memorandum to the appropriate officials for their response to the final report.

10. CRC, with the assistance of IPR, will issue the report to the public, City Council, and the Chief of Police and may arrange for public forums to take comments and questions from the public. The issued report will contain any formal response received from the Police Bureau.

Adopted September 22, 2004.
Filed for inclusion in PPD September 22, 2004.
Amendments approved by the Citizen Review Committee, effective April 13, 2011.

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