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PSF-5.17 - Citizen Review Committee - Independent Police Review Division - Guidance for Working Together Effectively

Administrative Rules Adopted by Bureaus Pursuant to Rule Making Authority (ARB)
Policy number
Administrative Rule Adopted by Bureau Pursuant to Rule-Making Authority

At the December 16, 2003 Citizen Review Committee (CRC) of the Independent Police Review Division (IPR) meeting, the group discussed those behaviors and expectations that could enhance its work together. The following points (as updated on March 15, 2005) reflect that discussion and will serve as guidance for CRC and IPR’s work together:
Spirit of Commitment and Collaboration:
1. The CRC, as a group of dedicated and well-meaning individuals seeking to do good work together with the IPR, embrace the spirit of commitment and follow-through in all the work we do together.
2. The group shares the expectation that each member will be familiar with and responsible for implementing the CRC’s policies and procedures. All will be prepared and on time for all CRC/IPR and subcommittee meetings with our cell phones or electronic devices inaudible. If we are unable to attend or know we will be late to a CRC meeting, we will call IPR staff with advance notice.
3. The CRC is aware that, as per City ordinance, its decisions are advisory to the City Council for all citizen appeals and advisory to the IPR and Police Bureau with regards to policies and procedures (City Ordinance No. 3.21.090).
4. In the spirit of collaboration, CRC members will come to meetings with an open mind, prepared to listen and learn from each other and others before making decisions that affect a broader community. In doing this, members will actively seek to understand the interests behind individual’s positions by asking questions rather than making assumptions.
5. The CRC will make a strong effort to reach consensus in its decisions. However, if we are unable to reach a consensus after thorough and respectful discussion, a majority vote will rule. The majority and minority perspectives will be presented in any report of our decision making processes. In all discussions, members will disagree without being disagreeable and will support the process of the group’s decision, even if disagreeing with the outcome.
6. In our discussions and decision-making processes, CRC members and IPR staff will allow for all the styles and voices that make this CRC strong while, at the same time, sharing a commitment to reach a timely conclusion in those discussions and decisions.
7. While all members take the work and charge of the CRC and IPR very seriously, we will seek to maintain both a sense of humor and a realistic perspective on the work that we do together.
8. Finally, to add to the effectiveness of our public work together, if we feel we must criticize each other (or others with whom we are working) in public, we will show respect to one another by first giving notice of that criticism before going public.
9. CRC members will be mindful about the information that is shared to others remembering that this work is public and may affect individuals’ lives.
a. Some information gathered outside of meetings may be confidential.
b. If a CRC member speaks to the press about his or her work with the CRC, we will refrain from making personal attacks or attributions about anyone other than ourselves. Ideally, we will not speak to the press except as a group.
10. As CRC members and IPR staff, we will speak for ourselves and let others speak for themselves. We will treat each other with respect and courtesy while speaking—giving each other the time to say what we need to, while being mindful of the time we are taking while we are speaking.
11. As concerns or issues are identified between meetings, CRC and IPR will clarify those as best as possible, either through telephone conversation or in e-mails. Out of respect for the busy lives that all CRC and IPR lead, e-mail messages will be as brief and clear as possible.
12. CRC and IPR members will make every effort to approach issues with sincerity and optimism. We will aim to make our comments constructive instead of overly critical. We will not use violence or make personal attacks of each other, the police or the public.
Efficiency and Effectiveness
13. The CRC and IPR members recognize that we can be most effective by being solution and goal oriented. We can do this by maintaining clear objectives, developing explicit agendas, getting and reviewing materials in advance of meetings, observing our commitment to reach a conclusion and performing due diligence on action items.
Diversity and Respect
14. The CRC and IPR are committed to respecting the dignity of everyone with whom they work. We will strive to hear the input from all of Portland’s communities, extending a fair and even hand in all that we do.
15. The CRC and IPR will seek to understand how culture impacts our perspectives and the perspective of others. We are committed to honoring the diversity of our city and its citizens and will do all we can to learn more that will enhance our work on this committee.

  • Filed for inclusion in PPD March 17, 2004.
  • Approved by consensus March 16, 2004.
  • Amended by CRC March 15, 2005 to correct typographical errors and add verbiage regarding "due diligence" to paragraph 13.

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