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PSF-5.06 - Citizen Review Committee (CRC) - Independent Police Review Division (IPR) - Process for Appointment and Reappointment to CRC

Administrative Rules Adopted by Bureaus Pursuant to Rule Making Authority (ARB)
Policy number
Administrative Rules Adopted by Auditor's Office Pursuant to Rule-Making Authority

1. The IPR Director shall solicit applications for appointment to the CRC from the Office of Neighborhood Involvement, the seven Neighborhood Coalition offices, Mayor and Commissioner’s offices, PPB advisory committees, and the general public. ( Portland City Code Section 3.21.080.A.1).
2. The City Auditor shall appoint a committee that shall recommend to the Auditor the appropriate number of nominees to fill impending vacancies. The committee shall consist of three CRC representatives, either past or not applying for reappointment, two members of the community, and the IPR Director. Three of the committee members, including one CRC representative and the Director, shall serve as the interview panel. (PCC Section 3.21.080.A.2)
3. Selection criteria shall include an established record of community involvement, passing a criminal background check performed by the IPR, and absence of any real or perceived conflict of interest. The Mayor and commissioners may each submit an applicant who may be given preference over others of equivalent background and qualifications. (PCC Section 3.21.080.A.3).
4. The Auditor shall recommend nominees to Council for appointment. (PCC Section 3.21.080.A.4). Council shall review applications of nominees to the Committee and vote whether to approve each appointment. (PCC Section 3.21.100.A.).
5. In the event a majority of the Council fails to appoint a person recommended under the provisions of City Code Section 3.21.090 the IPR Director and the CRC shall initiate the process again within 30 days after Council action. (PCC Section 3.21.080.A.5).
6. In selecting CRC members, consideration shall be given to the current composition of the CRC and appointments should be made that will cause the group to best reflect the demographic make-up of the community. (PCC Section 3.21.080.A.6).

  • Submitted for inclusion in PPD October 23, 2002.
  • Originally published as CRC PROTOCOL NO. 02-06, approved by IPR Citizen Review Committee, effective July 16, 2002.
  • Vacated June 21, 2003.
  • Approved by IPR Citizen Review Committee effective May 17, 2005 to incorporate current City Ordinance and incorporate current practice regarding selection of CRC officers.
  • Approved by IPR Citizen Review Committee effective February 20, 2007 to delete section regarding selection of CRC officers, which was rewritten as a new protocol, 5.22.

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