1120.05 Clothing Allowance for Plainclothes Assignments

Administrative Rules Adopted by Bureaus Pursuant to Rule Making Authority (ARB)
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  • City Code, Sec. 3.20.170
  • City Code, Sec. 5.08.070
  • Bargaining Agreement (City and Portland Police Association)
  • DIR 1110.00 Appearance Standards

POLICY (1120.05)

Sworn members are eligible to receive an annual clothing allowance, if they are officially assigned to a function designated by the Chief of Police as a plainclothes assignment. A clothing allowance is payment dispensed annually to sworn members who are expected to routinely wear plainclothes while performing their duties.

Members authorized by the Chief of Police to receive the allowance, as specified under the current bargaining agreement and Finance Code Sec. 5.08.070, will receive the full amount if they worked a plainclothes assignment for the entire fiscal year. A member assigned less than a full fiscal year will receive a prorated amount for the number of full calendar months worked. The clothing allowance will be disbursed in August based on the number of months worked in a designated assignment during the prior fiscal year.

RU managers may authorize members in uniform assignments to work in plain-clothes as appropriate and consistent with the primary uniform mission. Members working in plainclothes under this exception are not eligible for clothing allowance and will continue to receive the equipment allowance.

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