0280.00 Fitness Room

Administrative Rules Adopted by Bureaus Pursuant to Rule Making Authority (ARB)
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*This Directive is currently under review*


  • Inventory, Inspection and Maintenance Log (MSD)
  • Membership Agreement and Liability Release (MSD)
  • Portland Police Fitness Room Expenditure Form (MSD)
  • Portland Police Fitness Room General Rules (MSD)


1.1. The purpose of this policy is to establish eligibility and procedural guidelines for the use of Bureau approved fitness rooms.


2.1. FITNESS ROOM: An unsupervised exercise room, designated by the Fitness Room Committee for use by those authorized as fitness room members.

2.2. FITNESS ROOM MEMBERSHIP: Consists of; reading and signing the membership Agreement and Liability Form; and abiding by fitness room rules and procedures.


3.1. Fitness room membership is available to all individuals listed in the eligibility section of this policy. Eligible individuals must read and sign the Membership Agreement and Release Form prior to becoming fitness room members. To maintain membership individuals must abide by this directive and any fitness room rules and procedures.

3.2. Failure to abide by these membership requirements threatens future existence of fitness rooms within the Bureau. Therefore, persons who are not in compliance with this policy will not be permitted to use the fitness rooms and will be subject to disciplinary action.

3.3. All fitness rooms are unsupervised. Members will follow manufacturer's instructions and recommended use for equipment; copies of which shall be posted in each fitness room, when available. If members are unsure how to use any of the equipment they will consult with a Fitness Coordinator prior to using the equipment.

3.4. Members observing a defect in a piece of equipment will tag the equipment before leaving the fitness room. Members will not use equipment that is tagged for repair.

3.5. The City is not responsible or liable for any damage arising from bodily injury or property damage or loss as a result of or growing out of participation in any activity or exercise associated with the fitness rooms.


4.1. The following individuals are eligible for membership based on the priority listed below:

4.1.1. All Bureau members (sworn and non-sworn).

4.1.2. Reserves.

4.1.3. Cadets.

4.1.4. Retired members.

4.1.5. Non-Bureau members (FBI, District Attorney's Office, etc.). These individuals must place a request for membership with a Fitness Room Coordinator. The Coordinator will submit the request to the Fitness Room Committee for consideration.

4.2. Guests are excluded from use of or entry into the fitness rooms. There are no exceptions.


5.1. Manage the fitness room program. The committee will be comprised of each precinct's Fitness Room Coordinator and one member appointed by the Chief of Police. The Chairperson will be the member appointed by the Chief of Police. Each committee member carries one vote.

5.2. Manage the fitness room budget, including:

5.2.1. Planning for expenditures.

5.2.2. Authorizing repairs, replacement costs, and new purchases.

5.3. Presenting an annual budget to the Chief of Police's office.

5.4. Assist in developing any rules or regulations necessary. Copies will be posted in the appropriate fitness room and placed in the administrative file.

5.5. Ensure each fitness room receives a comprehensive monthly inspection.

5.6. Review all equipment, including equipment purchased by individual fitness rooms and donated equipment, for safety. Special consideration shall be given to weight bearing capability, therefore homemade equipment shall be scrutinized (i.e., manufacturers stress test and x-ray for welding imperfections as part of quality control).

5.7. Per the Fitness Room Partnership Agreement, the Fitness Committee shall perform quarterly inspections. The Fitness Room Committee will assist when requested.

5.8 The Committee's Chairperson shall keep an administrative file and forward copies of the following to Police Liability management:

5.8.1. Inspection logs.

5.8.2. Membership Agreement and Liability Release forms.

5.8.3. Portland Police Fitness Room Expenditure form.

5.8.4. Individual fitness room rules.

5.8.5. Monthly list of persons who have signed the membership and release form. This list will be forwarded to all Fitness Room Coordinators and their RU Managers.


6.1. Perform weekly inspections of fitness room and equipment.

6.2. Document a monthly inspection and maintenance consisting of:

6.2.1. Updating the Inventory, Inspection and Maintenance Log for each piece/set of equipment and forward to the Chairperson.

6.2.2. Ensuring a supply of defective equipment tags.

6.2.3. When available, post manufacturer's equipment instructions.

6.3. Facilitating the repair or replacement of equipment.

6.4. Ensuring that no unauthorized equipment has found its way into a fitness room; if found, tag for committee discussion.


7.1. Appoint a Fitness Room Coordinator and facilitate time for them to perform their responsibilities.

7.2. Post the Portland Police Fitness Room General Rules and additional rules (if any) specific to the fitness room.


8.1. Established: 1995

8.2. Revision #1: Effective 02/21/13

8.3. Next Review Date: 02/21/15

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