0260.00 Rewards or Fees

Administrative Rules Adopted by Bureaus Pursuant to Rule Making Authority (ARB)
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PROCEDURE (260.00)

Members receiving rewards, monetary rewards or donations, not intended for a trust fund, have the option of contributing the proceeds to the Sunshine Division or the City’s Police Health and Welfare Fund (PHWF).

a. Rewards and Donations, Payment of:

1. Checks for rewards or donations received by members will be endorsed by the member with the notation “pay to the order of” (name of charity) entered on the back of the check. The check will then be forwarded to Fiscal Services (Fiscal).

2. Cash contributions will be transmitted in person to Fiscal.

3. Upon receipt of the donation, Fiscal will do one of the following:

a) Forward the check/cash and Donation Transmittal Form to the Sunshine Division.

b) Forward the check/cash to the City Treasurer (fund trustee) and the Donation Transmittal Form to the Health and Welfare Fund Committee.

b. City of Portland’s PHWF:

1. A fund created by City Ordinance No. 143063 to receive funds donated to the Bureau.

2. A committee consisting of the Chief of Police or designee, Fiscal manager or designee, and one other Bureau representative will determine if requests for funds from inter-bureau sources are consistent with the intent of the fund and recommend to the Commissioner-in-Charge approval or disapproval of the request.

c. Charities have the responsibility, upon receiving a contribution, or notice of contribution, to issue a receipt and forward it directly to the contributing member via return City mail.

d. Military Rewards and related forms, received by the Bureau, will be forwarded to Fiscal. These will include:

1. Voucher number.

2. Date received.

3. Arresting member’s name.

4. Arrestee’s name.

5. Date forms returned to the military.

6. Charity receiving the money.

Forms will be sent to the arresting member’s RU manager with instructions for completion. On completion, the forms will be returned to Fiscal for processing and return to the military.

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