0230.00 Safety Committees

Administrative Rules Adopted by Bureaus Pursuant to Rule Making Authority (ARB)
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  • OAR 437-001-0765 Rules for Workplace Safety Committees
  • DIR 410.00 Injuries/Occupational Illness/Disability/LOS
  • Applicable Bargaining Agreements
  • Safety Concern/Complaint Form (OAPS)

POLICY (230.00)

The health, safety and well-being of all members is ensured by:

a. A firm commitment to providing a safe working environment for members.

b. The analysis of injuries and losses that do occur, and the establishment of preventative measures to control reoccurrence.

c. The communication and discussion of hazards and/or situations that could result in injury or illness, and create a financial loss exposure.

d. The evaluations of recommendations for safer employment situations.

PROCEDURE (230.00)


Sworn Safety Committee (SSC): The SSC will be comprised of one representative from each precinct; one representative each from Traffic, Detectives, Forensic Evidence Division (Forensics) and Drugs and Vice; a PPCOA representative and the remaining five representatives will be selected by the appropriate RU managers. This committee will be chaired by a representative chosen by the committee.

Non-sworn Safety Committee (NSC): The NSC will be comprised of one representative from each of the following units: Records, Detectives, Property Evidence Control, precincts-at-large, Forensics, Information Technology Division, Fiscal Services, Office of Accountability and Professional Standards (OAPS), and the Chief of Police’s Office. The DCTU will select four of the representatives and the remaining four representatives will be selected by the appropriate RU managers. This committee will be chaired by a representative chosen by the committee.

Functioning (230.00)

The committees will meet on a monthly basis and conduct quarterly safety inspections of the various facilities. Any three members of a Safety Committee (SC) can call for a meeting of that SC at any time to address an immediate safety issue. Different units will be inspected each quarter. Quarterly inspections will replace the meeting for a given month unless the committees feel a need to meet as well. Each committee will designate a team to conduct the safety inspections. The results of the inspections and any subsequent recommendations will be reported in the monthly meeting minutes with a copy to the Chief of Police. Meetings and inspections will be on City time.

The minutes for all meetings will be distributed to each committee member for posting in their work area, with an informational copy of the minutes to all RU managers and the Branch chiefs.

Items for committee consideration can be given by an employee to the representative from their area, submitted on a Safety Concern/Complaint Form or can be brought individually before the committee.

Members of the committee will complete training in required OSHA safety committee functioning to stay in an active status of the committee. Members will be notified of training dates and locations in advance. Those members not completing training will be relieved of their committee duties until the requirement is met or they are replaced by a new representative. Training will be on City time.

Responsibilities (230.00)

a. Safety Committee Members.

1. Regularly attend and participate in monthly meetings.

2. Review safety issues and complaints referred by employees and/or committee members.

3. Review safety issues and complaints from regulatory bodies (i.e., OSHA, BOLI).

4. Review injuries that occur to members (Bureau injury reports will be supplied to the committee by OAPS).

5. Review and publish statistical trends on losses occurring.

6. Develop effective recommendations for corrective action to the appropriate RU manager or the Chief of Police.

7. Keep members informed on the status of ongoing projects and recommendations.

b. Bureau Members.

1. Abide by all safe guidelines established by the Bureau.

2. Report, as soon as possible, all job related injuries, illnesses, near misses and hazards to supervisors.

3. Report all unsafe conditions and work practices to supervisors and members of the safety committees.

4. Participate in the process of improving workplace safety.

c. RU Managers/Supervisors.

1. Provide support of the committees and their members.

2. Provide leadership and direction.

3. Ensure lines of communication are open and supportive.

4. Maintain commitment to improving health and safety in the workplace.

Safety Concern/Complaint Process (230.00)

a. Notification: Any member reporting a safety concern/complaint should:

1. Notify supervisor and safety committee of nature of their concern/ complaint, using a Safety Concern/Complaint Form.

2. Provide supervisor and committee with possible solutions to the concern/complaint.

3. Safety complaints can be made anonymously, however, the committee cannot respond directly to an anonymous complainant.

b. Safety Committee Responsibilities:

1. Receive and review every concern/complaint brought before them.

2. Document and acknowledge receipt of concern/complaint.

3. Investigate concern/complaint using interviews and photos when necessary.

4. Inform the person filing the concern/complaint as to the status of investigation.

5. Respond to the member in writing the results of the investigation and any recommendations made to management.

c. Management, RUs’ Responsibilities:

1. Receive all safety concerns/complaints in a supportive manner; document receipt.

2. Ensure that member filing concern/complaint has notified the appropriate safety committee.

3. Cooperate with safety committee during investigation of concern/ complaint.

4. Participate in providing solutions for corrective action.

5. Evaluate fiscal impact of recommendations requesting financial support.

6. Respond to written recommendations and inquiries from the safety committee within thirty (30) days of receipt.


RU managers will encourage members to identify safety issues and refer them to the appropriate Safety Committee. Upon receipt of such referrals, the Safety Committee will review, and make appropriate recommendations in a timely manner.

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