0211.20 Files, Bureau and Division Personnel

Administrative Rules Adopted by Bureaus Pursuant to Rule Making Authority (ARB)
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  • City Auditor’s Record Retention Schedule, 8000 Series

POLICY (211.20)

The Personnel Division (Personnel) will be responsible for creating a Bureau Personnel File (201) and a Division Personnel File (Field 201) for all members on their appointment to the Bureau. Members are allowed reasonable access to both of their personnel files. Access is controlled and any inspection or copying of the files by a member must be approved and observed by a supervisor. Members will not be allowed access to pre-employment information or investigation reports. Any member may submit a rebuttal report to information in their personnel file and have that report placed in the file. Rebuttal reports dealing with personalities or other irrelevant material will not be accepted. Rebuttal reports must be reviewed by the Personnel manager. The files will be retained in suitable cabinets with a locking mechanism. When not in use, the cabinets will be locked.

The Bureau personnel file will be permanently filed and maintained in Personnel. Any documentation entered into the file becomes a permanent part of that file and will not be removed without specific approval of the Chief of Police. Command members will have access on a need-to-know basis to the files through the Personnel manager. The files will contain a complete record of each member’s personal and career history, to include:

a. Completed Personnel Information Sheet.

b. All probationary evaluation reports and semi-annual evaluations (evaluations will be maintained for a minimum of two years).

c. Copies of all Letters of Commendation.

d. Copies of all written disciplinary actions signed by the Chief of Police (reports completed by the Internal Affairs Division will not be included in any personnel files).

e. Any other documented information that would aid in the evaluation of a member’s job performance.

f. Extra employment permits.

g. Any other information, as directed by the Chief of Police.

The member’s division personnel file will be maintained and filed at the member’s place of assignment. RU managers are responsible for ensuring that the files are maintained and continually updated in compliance with purge criteria. The files are only accessible to those persons designated by the RU manager. The files will be maintained for members of all ranks. In the event of a transfer, the member’s file will be forwarded to the manager of the unit of new assignment.

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