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0210.70 Secondary Employment

Administrative Rules Adopted by Bureaus Pursuant to Rule Making Authority (ARB)
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210.70 Secondary Employment


  • PPA Contract, Article 57.1

POLICY (210.70)

It is the policy of the Portland Police Bureau to establish clear comprehensive guidelines for secondary employment contracts between the City of Portland and local businesses. These contracts are managed through mutual agreement by the Portland Police Officer’s Association (PPA).

The Portland Police Bureau may approve, at the discretion of the Operations Branch chief (or designee), those contracts which provide for an enhanced public safety presence at certain events or ongoing operations. The contracted work must be a policing function that provides a benefit to the public, and is not focused solely on the interests of the business. In fulfilling the secondary employment contracts, members assigned to the contract shall perform their duties within the operational directives and mission of the Bureau.

In approving secondary employment contracts, the Operations Branch chief (or designee) shall consider the following:

a. The event has a discernable impact on the safety of the community.

b. The event provides a benefit to the greater community.

c. If the establishment or the persons controlling the establishment initiated proceedings against the City of Portland may cause adverse actions for the City of Portland.

d. If there a significant criminal history associated to the person(s) controlling the establishment.

e. If this is primarily a security function for the sole benefit of the establishment.

PROCEDURE (210.70)

All secondary employment requests shall be directed to the RU manager overseeing the geographical area where the event will take place, or in the case involving a special skill needed, such as Traffic Division, it shall be directed to the appropriate RU manager. The procedure for approval shall be as follows:

a. After signing of the contractual agreement between the Portland Police Bureau and the employer, the contract will be sent forward to PPA for the filling of positions as agreed upon in the contract.

b. In the event where the PPA is unable to fill the positions as defined in the contract, the RU manager has the right to terminate the contract prior to its execution.

c. Fiscal Services will be responsible for the billing process associated with all secondary employment contracts.

d. RU managers will strive to enter into secondary employment contracts consistently and fairly.


All contracts will be sent electronically to the Operations Branch administrative assistant where the files will be saved. There will be an annual review of the contracts by the Operations Branch chief or their designee.

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0210.70 Secondary Employment

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