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0210.45 Civilian Volunteers

Administrative Rules Adopted by Bureaus Pursuant to Rule Making Authority (ARB)
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*This Directive is currently under review*


  • Hold Harmless Agreement Form (Personnel)
  • Insurance Coverage Information Form (Personnel)
  • Non Disclosure Agreement Form (Personnel)

POLICY (210.45)

All volunteers will be required to complete an application form and undergo a background investigation. Additionally, volunteers will be required to sign the appropriate forms required by the Personnel Division (Personnel). Responsibility for conducting background investigations on volunteer applicants may be delegated to the affected RU manager by the Personnel manager. The original file will be forwarded to, and maintained by, Personnel. No volunteer is to start work without the approval of Personnel.

RU managers or their designees will closely monitor volunteers assigned to their units. Volunteers are not to be assigned to tasks normally performed by sworn or non-sworn members. Access to confidential or sensitive materials by a volunteer will be allowed at the discretion of the RU manager. When access to Portland Police Data System (PPDS) files is permitted, RU managers will ensure that a non-disclosure agreement form is signed and sent through channels to Personnel. Volunteers will serve at the discretion of the RU manager where they are assigned, and their services may be terminated at any time without showing cause.

RU managers dissatisfied with the services of a volunteer will advise the volunteer that their services are no longer required and are henceforth terminated. RU managers will detail the reasons for termination in an inter-office memorandum, and forward it to the Personnel manager, who will place the memorandum in the volunteer’s permanent file.

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