0210.22 Exempt Employee Time Tracking and Management Leave Guidelines

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210.22Exempt Employee Time Tracking and Management Leave Guidelines


  • HRAR 8.03 Hours of Work, Overtime Compensation & Management Leave: FLSA Exempt Employees
  • DIR 60.60, Standard Operating Procedure
  • DIR 210.21, Leaves from Service


1. Consistent with principles of public accountability, the Bureau expects all non-sworn non-represented and Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) exempt, and PPCOA represented Police Bureau members to account for their work time and activities by tracking time.

2. In an effort to fulfill its goal of conserving and streamlining business processes, all portions of the time tracking process should be kept digitally and not printed, where feasible.

3. The intent of management leave is to recognize exceptional additional individual efforts, performance, and achievements, including but not limited to beyond the standard workweek.


1. Exempt Employee Time Tracking.

1.1. Member Responsibilities.

1.1.1. Each exempt employee must keep track of their extra time worked and partial day absences. Per City Human Resources Administrative Rule 8.03, absences under three hours will not be deducted from an employee’s leave balance. However, all partial day absences must still be pre-approved and submitted through the Uniform Daily Assignment Roster (UDAR).

1.1.2. All extra time worked will be tracked using the Exempt Employee Tracking system in the UDAR.

1.1.3. Members shall either enter partial day absences of any type of leave through the daily UDAR, as they would with full day absences, or request approval using the Request/Rescind Personal Time Off (PTO) function.

1.1.4. Members shall ensure UDAR entries are correct each month.

1.1.5. Along with tracking extra time worked and absences, members shall use their Microsoft Outlook Calendar to track work events, including meetings. Members shall send an Outlook Calendar sharing request to their supervisor.

1.2. Supervisor Responsibilities.

1.2.1. Within the first ten business days of each new month, supervisors shall review members’ exempt employee calendars digitally. Supervisors may review a member’s Outlook Calendar for discrepancies. If any discrepancies are discovered, supervisors shall immediately discuss the discrepancy with the member and take appropriate corrective action.

2. Management Leave.

2.1. General Guidelines.

2.1.1. Supervisors may request management leave for their employees in January of that calendar year. Members awarded management leave, may request to the Fiscal Division to restore used vacation leave with management leave.

2.1.2. Management leave expires at the end of the calendar year in which it is awarded.

2.2. Supervisory Responsibilities.

2.2.1. Supervisors who submit requests are required to complete the management leave award form with the number of hours requested and rationale justifying the award. The rationale may include: A description of the quality of the member’s work; A demonstrable willingness to undertake new or additional projects or to develop new areas of subject matter expertise; Continuous provision of exceptional service to the office, despite reaching the maximum in a salary range; Working in excess of the assigned duty hours (i.e., 40 hours per week); and/or Other recognizable contributions to the Bureau and/or the City. Members do not need to satisfy all of the criteria to be awarded management leave.

2.2.2. Supervisors shall submit the award form and supporting documentation (e.g., timesheets, Outlook Calendar, member’s list of accomplishments) to their Assistant Chief (AC) in charge for review and approval by the Chief of Police.

2.3. Chief’s Office Responsibilities.

2.3.1. The Chief of Police shall review each management leave request and take into account only the criteria listed above.

2.3.2. The Chief of Police shall complete their review within two weeks of receiving the request forms.

2.3.3. After completing the review, the Chief of Police shall, through their staff, submit the approved forms to the Fiscal Payroll Manager.

2.4. Fiscal Payroll Manager Responsibilities.

2.4.1. Review approved forms for required information.

2.4.2. Provide a digital copy of the approved form to the Bureau of Human Resources Central Payroll and Fiscal Personnel Records office.

2.4.3. Provide the original documentation to the member.

2.4.4. Upon request by an employee, adjust their used vacation leave with management leave.


  • Originating Directive Date: 01/01/07
  • Last Revision Signed: 05/31/19
    • Effective Date: 07/01/19
    • Next Review Date: 07/01/21

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