1245.00 Vehicles, Off-Duty Use by Authorized Members

Administrative Rules Adopted by Bureaus Pursuant to Rule Making Authority (ARB)
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  • City Code 5.6.110
  • City of Portland Administrative Rule 4.13
  • City of Portland Administrative Procedures Manual, No. 1425
  • City Fleet Administrative Rules
  • DIR 316.00 Alcohol Use
  • DIR 630.10 Driving Responses
  • DIR 640.50 Traffic Crash Investigations
  • Internal Revenue Service Code and Regulations

POLICY (1245.00)

The Portland Police Bureau prohibits the personal use of city owned vehicles. Personal, recreational, or vacation use is prohibited. However, a minimal amount of personal use of the vehicle incident to work, or as a result of being subject to call-back, is allowable. Limited exceptions are granted only as outlined in this policy.

PROCEDURE (1245.00)

Directive Specific Definitions

Authorized member: A member who is authorized by the Chief of Police to drive a city owned vehicle in accordance with the criteria established in this directive.

Immediate response: Members with the responsibility to respond to an emergency occurrence, when needed, based on his/her assignment.

Off duty: The status of a member when he/she is free from specified assigned duties and not on a pay status.

Police related activities: Any functions attended by a member in an official capacity or as a part of normal duties.

Qualified non-personal use vehicle:

a. A marked city vehicle that Bureau policy requires to be used for commuting. No other personal use of a marked vehicle is authorized.

b. An unmarked city vehicle that Bureau policy authorizes personal use for so long as it is pursuant to law enforcement functions. Using an unmarked vehicle for vacation or recreation trips is not authorized.

Vehicle rental: A monthly vehicle rental fee paid to the City Treasurer by those members authorized by the Chief of Police to drive a city vehicle to and from work, and for other limited activities.

Authorized Members (1245.00)

Authorized members may use a city owned vehicle to drive to and from work and for other police-related activities. Members who are subject to call back must remain within a 35 mile radius from their reporting unit. Members will not use an unmarked city owned vehicle for recreation or vacation trips.

Authorized members, attending functions where intoxicants are served, will not consume intoxicants to the extent that their driving capability is impaired.

A member who is off duty and subject to call back shall notify his/her supervisor if he/she has consumed any alcohol prior to his/her call back. The supervisor will evaluate the member and determine if he/she is fit for duty.

A city vehicle will not be loaned to, or driven by, family members or friends. The vehicle may only be driven by another city employee with the permission of the authorized member.

Vehicles assigned to authorized members are a part of the Bureau fleet. These vehicles are to be made available to members within his/her division of assignment when there is a shortage of vehicles and the authorized member is not using the vehicle.

Authorized members will assist each other by loaning available vehicles for emergencies, or when the lack of an available vehicle would result in a loss of members-hours and/or poor service to the public.

An authorized member will park and leave his/her city vehicle at its designated parking facility under the following conditions:

a. When the member will not be working for five or more workdays.

b. When the member will not be working for two or more workdays, and;

1. The unit has a limited number of vehicles.

2. The vehicle is customarily used by other members during the workday.

Members should be aware that they are subject to IRS reporting requirements for their personal use of any city owned vehicle.

Non-Authorized Members (1245.00)

Non-authorized members will not use a city vehicle to drive to and from work, or for personal business. However, RU managers may authorize a non-authorized member to use a city vehicle for a limited period when:

a. Police or family related emergencies exist which require an immediate response.

b. Police-related activities occur before or after normal working hours.

c. Used for out of town trips on police business.

d. The member is the acting branch, division, precinct or unit manager during the absence of the assigned commanding manager.

Exceptions (1245.00)

Authorized members driving an unmarked city vehicle whose assignment requires the member to immediately respond to an incident on a 24 hour per day, seven days per week basis may use the vehicle for personal use so long as it is pursuant to a law enforcement function. Examples may include:

a. Authorized members who command a branch, precinct, division or unit.

b. Authorized members with immediate or emergency call responsibility on a 24-hour-per-day, seven-days-per-week basis and approved by the Branch chief.

c. The Public Information Officer.

Authorized members granted this exception will be required to monitor either a mobile police radio, a pack set or carry a paging system when using the vehicle.

Members assigned to the Motorcycle Detail of the Traffic Division may ride their assigned motorcycles directly to and from work, and will not be charged a monthly vehicle rental fee.

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