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0680.10 Non-Published Telephone Number Information

Administrative Rules Adopted by Bureaus Pursuant to Rule Making Authority (ARB)
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PROCEDURE (680.10)

Nonpublished telephone number information will be disclosed upon confirmation of the identification of the requesting member when one of the following conditions exists:

a. Imminent threat to life or substantial property damage.

b. The urgent necessity for prompt apprehension of a known or suspected criminal.

c. The urgent necessity of contacting or attempting to contact next of kin regarding the death or serious injury of a person or in aid of identifying an unidentified person.

d. A continuing investigation concerning apprehension of a criminal or recovery of stolen property.

The nonpublished telephone number may be obtained by calling BOEC or the appropriate telephone company and describing the specific nature of the emergency. The telephone company, if called directly, will confirm the identity of the requesting member through BOEC who will provide the PIN (personal identification number) to the telephone company.

If the request for the nonpublished telephone number is honored, the member involved will contact the Chief of Police’s Office, as soon as practicable, with the name and address of the person with the nonpublished number so that a letter of confirmation can be reviewed, submitted and received by the appropriate telephone company within five days.

If the reason for information does not fall within one of the four exceptions, the disclosure of nonpublished telephone number information, customer credit information and customer toll records will be made only upon presentation of valid legal process (court order, search warrant, civil or criminal subpoena or administrative summons).

Emergency requests for In Progress Traces and Hostage/Barricade situations will be made through BOEC. Members aware in advance of the need for a call trace, or when involved in a hostage situation, will notify BOEC. Appropriate phone company numbers are available in the Problem Solving Resource Guide.

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