0660.20 Unclaimed and Surplus Property

Administrative Rules Adopted by Bureaus Pursuant to Rule Making Authority (ARB)
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  • City Code Section 5.36.011 Donation of Surplus Property
  • City Code Section 5.36.015 Disposition of Unclaimed Property
  • Hold Harmless Agreement (PED)
  • Letter of Donation (PED)
  • Request for Transfer of Unclaimed Property Form (PED)

POLICY (660.20)

City Code 5.36.015 allows for unclaimed property to be designated as surplus property that may be disposed of by the City Bureau that owns it. This allows the Police Bureau access to unclaimed property items. It is the policy of the Portland Police Bureau to obtain unclaimed surplus property for official use only. City Code 5.36.010 allows the Police Bureau to transfer surplus property to another City Bureau upon written request from the Director of the Bureau that has a use for the property.

PROCEDURE (660.20)

Request for Unclaimed Property

When an RU manager has an official need for an item of unclaimed property, the manager shall request the item by completing the Request for Transfer of Unclaimed Property form. This form along with an inter-office memo justifying the need will be routed through channels.

Any property sold in undercover operations must be documented. The monies received will be forwarded to the City Treasurer through Fiscal within one working day, or as soon as practicable after the sale is made.

The Property Evidence Division (PED) will not be open to members to inspect the inventory of unclaimed property in order to select desired items. PED will maintain a list of requests for transfer of unclaimed property. Selection of items will be at the discretion of the PED manager or designee.

Requests for Donating Surplus Property (660.20)

City Code 5.36.010 allows the Police Bureau to donate surplus property to the State of Oregon Surplus Property Program, other public agencies, or to certified charitable organizations. City Code 5.36.010 provides specific rules and procedures that must be followed when donations are made. Unless otherwise determined by the Chief of Police, it shall be the policy of the Portland Police Bureau to donate items that are law enforcement related only to another law enforcement agency. A letter requesting the donation shall be prepared for the signature of the Chief of Police and addressed to, delivered to and signed by the Commissioner-in-Charge.

Bureau owned animals that are considered surplus and of no value to the City due to age and/or condition of the animal may be donated to individuals with approval of the Commissioner-In-Charge of the Police Bureau and the City Council, by ordinance.

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