0640.90 Patrol Branch Covert Assignments

Administrative Rules Adopted by Bureaus Pursuant to Rule Making Authority (ARB)
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POLICY (640.90)

It is an obligation for each sworn member of this Bureau to actively enforce City, State or Federal laws, whether in overt (i.e., in uniform) or covert (i.e., plainclothes or disguised and/or role playing) capacity, and as lawfully directed by a supervisor. Therefore, each member shall fulfill that obligation according to enforcement needs and with consideration of individual qualifications.

PROCEDURE (640.90)

It is more desirable to assign volunteer members to covert missions. However, dependent upon a variety of circumstances, including the size of a mission, and the hours and tactics of the operation, an adequate number of volunteer members may not be available. Therefore, the following procedures for selection of members to perform these duties will be used:

a. If the mission is initiated within a relief, members of that relief will be polled for voluntary assignment.

b. If, for any reason, an insufficient number of qualified members volunteer to satisfy needs to ensure the success of the mission, other reliefs within the Precinct be polled for volunteers.

c. If an insufficient number of members is attained through the voluntary process for a mission which is restricted to the relief level or for a mission which is expanded to the Precinct level, members may be ordered to perform in the function. Precinct and/or relief commanders may order individuals to serve as necessary. In order to ensure fairness in the distribution of involuntary assignments, and depending on the size, scope and specific needs of the missions, supervisors will attempt to rotate these assignments among qualified members of their command. Except under unusual circumstances, and unless the assignment is voluntary, no member shall serve in the covert assignment for longer than five (5) consecutive days during one (1) mission.

d. Exigent circumstances may require the immediate assignment of members without an opportunity to request volunteers.

e. If a mission is to be conducted jointly by two or more precincts, the same principles of assignment cited above shall apply.

Contractual obligations under the City and appropriate bargaining unit agreement(s) shall apply.

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