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0640.70 Fingerprinting and Photographing Juvenile Offenders

Administrative Rules Adopted by Bureaus Pursuant to Rule Making Authority (ARB)
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0640.70, Fingerprinting and Photographing Juvenile Offenders


  • ORS 181A.160 Fingerprints, identifying data, disposition report required upon arrest
  • ORS 181A.165 Crimes for which criminal offender information is required
  • ORS § 419A.250, Fingerprinting and Photographing
  • ORS § 419C.080, Custody
  • ORS § 419C.133, Detention of youth under 12 years of age; judicial review required
  • Directive 0640.00 Identification Procedures
  • Directive 0830.00, Arrest Without Warrant
  • Directive 0850.30 Temporary Detention and Custody of Juveniles
  • Directive 0870.25, Temporary Holding Rooms
  • Juvenile Secure Custody Log Form (Chief’s Office)


1. The purpose of this directive is to establish Forensic Evidence Division procedures for fingerprinting and photographing juvenile offenders.


1. Custody Processing Requests:

1.1. All juveniles taken into custody for any felony or class A misdemeanor shall be fingerprinted and photographed by the Forensic Evidence Division (FED), Room 1250, Justice Center.

1.2. Juveniles taken into custody for class B and C misdemeanors may be fingerprinted and photographed by FED.

2. Processing:

2.1. Members shall ensure that a juvenile taken into custody is fingerprinted and photographed before transport­ing the juvenile to the Multnomah County Juvenile Detention Hall.

2.2. Before transporting and presenting the juvenile at the Forensic Evidence Division (FED) for processing, members shall notify FED by calling the FED front desk. Two (2) members must accompany and remain with the arrested juvenile at all times while in FED.

2.3. The arresting officer shall notify their supervisor when a juvenile under the age of twelve (12) is brought to FED for fingerprinting and photographing.

2.4. Upon arrival, members shall notify the front desk to coordinate placement of the juvenile in a FED Holding Room or Specially Designated Area; members shall not escort juveniles through FED facilities without FED approval.

2.5. Upon arrival to and departure from FED, members shall complete the Juvenile Secure Custody Log at the FED front desk per Directive 0850.30, Temporary Detention and Custody of Juveniles.

2.6. FED staff shall fingerprint and photograph juveniles at the request of investigating mem­bers, when the request complies with this directive and statutory requirements.

2.6.1. In the event a disagreement arises as to whether or not the request complies with directive and/or statutory requirements, FED shall process the juvenile suspect and refer the matter to a FED supervisor.

2.6.2. If it is determined that the request did not comply with directive and/or statutory requirements, the investigating member will be consulted and the fingerprints and photographs purged from the files.

2.6.3. If there is a dispute, the City Attorney’s Office will make the final deci­sion as to whether documents should be destroyed.

2.7. FED staff shall maintain and control the release and purging of fingerprint and photograph files according to statutory requirements.

2.8. FED staff shall provide the Records Division (Records) with Portland Police Juvenile (PPJ) numbers.

Effective: December 29, 2022

Next Review Date: December 29, 2024

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