0640.15 Measure 11 Archive Protocols

Administrative Rules Adopted by Bureaus Pursuant to Rule Making Authority (ARB)
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  • DIR 660.10 Property and Evidence Procedure
  • DIR 1060.00 Weapons Disposition and Disposal

POLICY (640.15)

The Portland Police Bureau is directed by Judicial Decree to ensure evidence and police reports in Measure 11 cases are retained for the 60 year archive schedule.

PROCEDURE (640.15)

Directive Specific Definitions

Archiving: The storing and preservation of historical documents and articles.

Evidence: An article(s) taken into police custody that may furnish proof that an offense has been committed and/or certain person(s) committed an offense.

Multnomah County District Attorney’s Office Responsibilities (640.15)

a. Identify all Measure 11 cases through judgments.

b. Forward judgments to the Police Bureau’s Records Division (Records).

Records Division (Records) Responsibilities (640.15)

a. Update the case information received from the DA’s office to the access database.

b. Send an e-mail on the information that has been updated to designated desktops in the Detective Division (Detectives), Tactical Operations Division (TOD), Property Evidence Division (PED), Forensic Evidence Division (Forensics), Family Services Division (FSD), and City Archives.

c. Archive police reports from Measure 11 cases.

1. Measure 11 cases will be filed and archived as usual until such time when that particular year’s reports are due for destruction. At that time, Records and archives staff will cause the reports to be removed and retained in a separate Measure 11 archive files rather than destroyed.

2. Records will accept investigative case envelopes for archiving on Measure 11 cases from Investigations Branch divisions (i.e., Detectives, FSD, and TOD). Those case envelopes will either be included in existing case files in Records or forwarded to archives for storage as needed.

Investigative Branch Responsibilities (640.15)

a. Each division that deals with records, property, or has an investigative function will be responsible for creating a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP), establishing the procedure for archiving records and case envelopes of Measure 11 cases and establishing procedures for tracking evidence related to these cases. The SOP should address how existing Measure 11 cases will be archived, how future Measure 11 cases will be archived, and how evidence traces sent from the PED for Measure 11 cases are processed.

b. Division managers will:

1. Identify a position within their division that is responsible for reviewing property evidence traces received from PED on Measure 11 cases.

2. Ensure that the division’s SOP is current and adhered to.

3. Ensure that the division’s case files for Measure 11 Crimes are purged for duplicated reports prior to sending to Records.

Forensic Evidence Division (Forensics) Responsibilities (640.15)

a. Maintain the photographic evidence for Measure 11 Crimes and will ensure the retention of the photographic evidence meets the new archive schedule.

b. Develop protocols to ensure the quality of photographic evidence.

Property Evidence Division (PED) Responsibilities (640.15)

a. Identify Measure 11 cases using the list provided by Records.

b. Establish protocols for sending out traces for evidence related to Measure 11 crimes.

c. Complete a consistent and accurate review, as needed, of Measure 11 cases to ensure the disposition of the evidence is correctly categorized and is retained.

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