0640.01 Driver's License and ID Photographs

Administrative Rules Adopted by Bureaus Pursuant to Rule Making Authority (ARB)
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POLICY (640.01)

The Bureau recognizes the importance of having current photographic identification on individuals involved in police actions. Although the Forensic Evidence Division (Forensics) maintains or has access to photo files and provides necessary services, there may be an investigative need for copies of Oregon driver’s license or identification (I.D.) card photographs.

PROCEDURE (640.01)

a. When a photograph (mug shot) or image of a subject is not available through Forensics or the current division photograph does not reflect the current appearance of the subject, requests for an Oregon driver’s license or I.D. card photograph will be made using WebLEDS.

b. To make requests, members will:

1. Use the LEDS DPL mask.

2. Enter the Oregon driver’s license or I.D. card number of the subject in the required field.

3. DMV will electronically send the photo in their response.

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