0631.65 Emergency Board-Up Procedure

Administrative Rules Adopted by Bureaus Pursuant to Rule Making Authority (ARB)
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  • Vendor Board-Up Contracts (Fiscal)

POLICY (631.65)

The Bureau recognizes that the community has entrusted it to provide emergency protection for property which has become damaged through criminal or accidental acts. Therefore, members will assist property owners by requesting emergency board-up assistance when a location is not secure or its security is at issue.

PROCEDURE (631.65)

Board-up contract vendor(s) will respond within one hour, 24-hours a day, seven days a week. Call out will be through the Bureau of Emergency Communication (BOEC). Fiscal Services Division (Fiscal) will keep BOEC supplied with a current list of board-up vendors.

a. Member Responsibilities:

1. Board-up vendor services are limited in scope: Vendors are only authorized to secure a location. Vendors are not authorized to provide such services as general debris removal, crime prevention through environmental design and other landscaping work. Members will not request or authorize work unrelated to securing the location.

2. Members will normally only request board-up services when an owner of the premise or other responsible person is unavailable. However, in the event an owner or other responsible person is available, but without the means to secure the property, members may order board-up services. Members will advise the recipient that the City will bill them for services rendered.

3. Due to liability claims resulting from screws being used in metal framed windows, vendors may have to enter the premises to secure these types of windows. Therefore, members will need to remain on the scene to allow the vendors to perform a board-up from the inside. There are very few of these types of board-ups per year.

4. Members requiring emergency board-up services will make their requests through BOEC via the appropriate talk group. Vendors are under contract to respond within one hour of notification.

5. A written report is required whenever emergency board-up services are requested, used or canceled. Members will complete a Special Report if no other report (i.e., Investigation, Custody, etc.) is generated.

6. If a member has problems with a board-up vendor, including their response time, it will be noted in the written report. The member will indicate on the report for a copy to be forwarded to the Operations Branch chief for action.

b. Fiscal Services Responsibilities:

1. Enter into contracts with board-up vendors.

2. Provide a current board-up vendor list to BOEC.

3. Process vendor invoices and forward appropriate copies to applicable parties (i.e., vendor, City’s Risk Management’s Collections Representative).

c. Records Division (Records) Responsibilities: In order to ensure appropriate billing, Records will forward copies of reports addressing emergency board-ups to Fiscal and Police Liability Management (Risk).

d. Board-up Vendor Responsibilities: Abide by vendor contract, negotiated through Fiscal.

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