0630.25 Cadet Program

Administrative Rules Adopted by Bureaus Pursuant to Rule Making Authority (ARB)
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630.25, Cadet Program


  • DIR 630.05 Vehicle Interventions and Pursuits
  • DIR 630.30 Community Policing Citizen Ride-Along Program
  • Law Enforcement Cadet Application (PPB Cadet Program Website)
  • Law Enforcement Cadet Program Standard Operating Procedure


1. The Portland Police Bureau’s (PPB) Law Enforcement Cadet Program (LECP) is designed to acquaint young individuals between the ages of 16 and 20 with PPB; instill in those participants an understanding and appreciation of the justice system, law, and professional ethics as they apply to the field of law enforcement; and to help interested individuals develop skills and knowledge to assist them with a career in law enforcement. Interested participants are encouraged to view the Bureau’s Cadet Program website for more information regarding membership requirements.


1. Cadet Coordinator.

1.1. The Cadet Coordinator is a sworn member who is responsible for managing the activities and organization of the LECP. The Cadet Coordinator shall:

1.1.1. Report to the Youth Services Division (YSD) Captain (or the Responsibility Unit (RU) Commander responsible for overseeing the LECP if it is moved to another division).

1.1.2. Perform the duties outlined in this Directive and the LECP Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) with the assistance of sworn Bureau member volunteers in Lead Advisor and Associate Advisor (“Advisor”) roles. In matters involving the Cadet program, the Cadet Coordinator has ultimate decision making authority over the Advisors.

1.1.3. Secure Cadet records and retain in accordance with the City of Portland’s records retention requirements for the Police Bureau.

1.1.4. Oversee Cadet service requests and direct Cadets to the appropriate posts at the precincts.

1.1.5. Coordinate initial training and activities involving multiple posts and ensure proper supervision during those activities.

1.1.6. Monitor each Cadet’s activity log at the end of each month to ensure that they are not participating in more than the legal limit of hours allowed for activities. The Cadet Coordinator shall check each Cadet’s log and verify that an Advisor has signed off on training and/or activities observed.

1.1.7. Maintain a list of approved Lead Advisors and Associate Advisors. No member may serve as an Advisor if they have been subject to disciplinary action based upon the use of force or mistreatment of people with mental illness within the three preceding years, or twice in the preceding five years. Final approving authority of Advisors resides with the YSD Captain.

1.1.8. Evaluate any complaints received against an Advisor and make a recommendation to the YSD Captain regarding whether the Advisor’s continued participation in the LECP is appropriate. Authority to suspend or remove an Advisor from the LECP belongs exclusively to the YSD Captain.

1.1.9. Evaluate any complaints received against a Cadet or any other information that raises concerns about a Cadet’s behavior or performance and make a recommendation to the YSD Captain regarding whether the Cadet’s continued participation in the LECP is appropriate. Authority to suspend or separate a Cadet from the LECP belongs exclusively to the YSD Captain.

2. Lead Advisors and Associate Lead Advisors.

2.1. Lead Advisors are responsible for coordinating on-going training for Cadets under the supervision of the Cadet Coordinator.

2.2. When directly supervising Cadets, Advisors shall direct Cadets to not take law enforcement action and shall not provide Cadets access to Bureau weapons or police reports.

2.2.1. Advisors shall not allow Cadets under the age of 18 to operate police vehicles on any premises open to the public.

2.3. Advisors shall review and sign off on each Cadet’s activity log at the end of each month.

2.4. Advisors have a duty to forward alleged complaints and report complaints against another advisor to the Cadet Coordinator as soon as practicable. Internal Affairs level complaints shall be handled in accordance with Directive 330.00, Internal Affairs, Complaint Intake, and Processing.

3. Cadet Responsibilities.

3.1. Cadets shall adhere to all applicable Bureau directives and SOPs. Cadets shall follow lawful orders, commands, and instructions of sworn members.

3.1.1. Cadets shall maintain a personal log of all Cadet activities conducted and have an Advisor review and sign at the end of each month. This includes ride-alongs, attendance at trainings, and participation in community outreach events. Cadets shall then forward their log to the Cadet Coordinator at the end of each month.

3.1.2. Cadets shall not take law enforcement action as they do not have any police powers.

3.1.3. Cadets shall not handle Bureau weapons in any capacity, except while under supervision during training.

3.1.4. Cadets 18 years of age and older may access LEDS and NCIC programs after completing the appropriate Bureau training and certification and while under the supervision of a sworn Bureau member.

3.1.5. Cadets over 18 years of age may operate a police vehicle in the field as directed by a sworn member. Cadets under 18 years of age shall only operate police vehicles during training. Cadets operating police vehicles shall not perform emergency vehicle operations (code 3) at any time. Cadets operating police vehicles shall not become involved in pursuits in any capacity.

4. Ride-Alongs.

4.1. Cadets shall obey all directions given to them by the Bureau member as described in Directive 630.30, Community Policing Citizen Ride-Along Program.

4.2. When responding to emergency situations or active criminal scenes, members with ride- alongs shall determine whether it is safe to allow a Cadet to observe from a distance. If the member has safety concerns, they will drop off the Cadet at an appropriate location.

4.2.1. Members shall immediately notify a supervisor if they drop off a Cadet.

4.3. The Bureau member or Cadet may terminate a ride-along at any time.

4.4. Members shall follow the procedures set forth in Directive 630.05, Vehicle Interventions and Pursuits, when community members or Cadets are present.


- Originating Directive Date: 09/06/01

- Last Revision Signed: 8/31/18

- Effective Date: 9/30/18

- Next Review Date: 9/30/20

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