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0605.00 All Terrain Vehicles (ATVs) Use

Administrative Rules Adopted by Bureaus Pursuant to Rule Making Authority (ARB)
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POLICY (605.00)

Members who are currently certified on the All Terrain Vehicles (ATVs), as described below, are authorized to deploy them. ATVs provide a police presence and enforcement in areas otherwise inaccessible to standard patrol practices and provide the ability to respond to and support special events and calls for service. A structured ATV program as an alternative patrol method allows for greater community contact and interaction strengthening the police and community partnership.


Directive Specific Definitions

ATV: A Bureau issued All Terrain Vehicle equipped with emergency lights, audible sounding device, and marked with Bureau insignia.

Safety Gear: DOT/SNELL approved helmet, gloves, and eye protection.

Training and Certifications (605.00)

The Training Division (Training) is responsible for training and (re)certification of Bureau members in the proper use and deployment of ATVs. Requests for training and certification will come from the RU managers to the Training Division using the Training Application form.

To obtain and maintain certification, members must complete the initial 40 hour ATV Certification Course and a yearly 10 hour recertification. Copies of the (re) certification records will be distributed to the member’s unit or division at the completion of the (re)certification. The member’s RU manager can make exceptions to the member’s maintenance recertification, if due to an assignment to a non-patrol unit, for an extended leave of absence, or personnel concerns.

The Training Division is responsible for the training and (re) certification of ATV instructors after the completion of an approved instructor’s course.

Member Responsibilities (605.00)

ATV operators will be responsible for completing the initial 40 hour ATV certification course. Members will maintain an annual 10 hour recertification requirement through scheduled ATV in-service or documented deployment by a certified ATV instructor. Members will ensure they possess and maintain all required safety gear. Members will operate ATVs within the established RU Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

RU Manager Responsibilities (605.00)

RU managers will ensure the following:

a. Security and maintenance of ATVs assigned to their unit.

b. ATVs are assigned in a manner that optimizes their continuous availability throughout their precinct for emergency deployments.

c. Provide audits and inspections to ensure the procedures are being followed.

d. Each ATV operator has the approved safety gear and the approved safety gear is maintained and serviceable.


The Training manager is responsible for the proper training and (re)certification of Bureau members and for maintaining records of training. The Training manager will specify the safety gear required for ATV operators.

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