0445.00 Automatic License Plate Reader (ALPR)

Administrative Rules Adopted by Bureaus Pursuant to Rule Making Authority (ARB)
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1.1. This policy is established to ensure the Automatic License Plate Reader (ALPR) is used by members in a responsible and professional manner in accordance with all applicable laws and administrative rules.


2.1. No definitions.


3.1. Automatic license Plate Reader (ALPR) equipped cars and associated databases are to be used for legitimate law enforcement purposes in accordance with state and federal law.

3.2. Members will use the same protocols as accessing other law enforcement databases such as PPDS, NCIC, or LEDS when accessing the ALPR database.

3.3. Usage of the ALPR databases will be regulated by requiring members to log into the system. A record of all database activity will be recorded and maintained in accordance with the procedures outlined in this policy.

3.4. ALPR is an investigative tool only, therefore all members will verify all "hits" prior to taking enforcement action to ensure the information is not expired or outdated.


4.1. Training Requirements

4.1.1. ALPR Operators must be LEDS certified and properly trained on the ALPR system and related databases prior to using ALPR equipment or accessing ALPR data.

4.2. Prohibited Use

4.2.1. Members are prohibited from using, or authorizing the use, of ALPR equipment or database records for non-law enforcement purposes.

4.2.2. Unless there is a criminal nexus, ALPR operators will attempt to avoid public gatherings such as political rallies, public demonstrations and religious gatherings; if the sole purpose is to obtain plate read intelligence. This does not preclude members from responding to a call for service where there may be incidental plate reads, or from searching for stolen vehicles and vehicles of interest in these areas.

4.3. Data Collection and Retention

4.3.1. All ALPR data recorded should be maintained for a minimum of 30 days and no longer than four years. All plate reads will be automatically purged four years after collection.

4.3.2. Data must be purged once the maximum retention period has been reached unless it has become or it is reasonable to believe it will become evidence in a specific criminal or civil action. In such circumstances, the applicable data will be downloaded from the server by a system coordinator onto a CD or other portable technology. The data will be subject to the same logging, handling and chain of custody requirements as other evidence.

4.3.3. All ALPR data downloaded to the operator laptop and server must be accessible only through a login/password accessible system capable of documenting who accesses the information by identity, date and time.

4.3.4. Persons approved to access ALPR data are permitted to access the data when there is a reasonable belief that the data relates to an investigation in a specific criminal or civil action.

4.3.5. Notwithstanding any other provision of law, all electronic images or data gathered by Automated License Plate Readers are for the exclusive use of law enforcement in the discharge of duties and are not to be made open to the public.

4.3.6. These guidelines should not be interpreted to limit the use of the electronic images or data for legitimate purposes by prosecutors or others legally permitted to receive evidence under the law.

4.4. Information Requests

4.4.1. All information requests will be handled through the Records Division. The Records Division will forward the request to the System Administrator who will provide the information in accordance with public records request case law.

4.4.2. The Records Division will charge the requesting party the actual cost of providing the information. Requests for stolen vehicle lists will be directed to LEDS.

4.4.3. Requests for lists of suspect vehicles in the database will be handled on a plate by plate basis; after consulting with the investigating officer, the City Attorney, and the Public Information Officer.

4.5. Maintenance

4.5.1. Any damage will be reported immediately to the System Administrator. Technical questions concerning the ALPR will be directed to the System Administrator. Members will not directly contact the vendors(s). All vendor(s) contact will occur through the System Administrator or Information Technology Division.

4.6. System Administrator Responsibilities

4.6.1. A supervisor will be designated as the System Administrator.

4.6.2. The System Administrator will be responsible for the Bureau wide management of the ALPR program including the designation of a system coordinator for each RU that has an ALPR unit assigned.

4.6.3. The System Administrator will produce an annual report that includes; the number of plate reads obtained; the number of stolen vehicles recovered; notable case results; and any known misuse of the system.

4.7. System Coordinator Responsibilities

4.7.1. System coordinators are responsible for the following: Overseeing and administering the ALPR program, including the storage and management of all ALPR data systems and databases. This is to be done with the support of Information Technology Division (ITD). Ensuring the proper selection of the personnel approved to operate the ALPR system. Ensuring appropriate training of operators and that training is completed prior to an operator using the system. Ensuring all training is documented. Ensuring ongoing training is provided as deemed necessary. Authorizing any requests for ALPR use or data access. Ensuring all ALPR operation and access to ALPR collected data shall be for official agency purposes only.

4.8. ITD Responsibilities

4.8.1. The Information Technology Division (ITD) manager or their designee will be responsible for the following: Maintaining the ALPR database to ensure retention guidelines are followed. Assisting the system administrator with maintaining the system in conjunction with the vendor. Maintaining the server systems and MDC used for the ALPR system. Making the technical connections to other databases including LEDS as needed for stolen plate downloads or data sharing with other agencies. ITD will support the ALPR server and in-car systems during regular business hours: Monday through Friday only.


5.1. Established April 9, 2013

5.2. Effective April 9, 2013

5.3.Review date: April 2015

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