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0310.00 Professional Conduct and Courtesy

Administrative Rules Adopted by Bureaus Pursuant to Rule Making Authority (ARB)
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310.00 Professional Conduct and Courtesy


  • DIR 315.00, Laws, Rules and Orders


  • Misconduct: Conduct by a member that violates Bureau regulations, orders, directives, or other standards of conduct required of City employees.
  • Professional Conduct: The standard by which member behavior that is not specifically addressed in other Bureau directives is evaluated. The Bureau expects member behavior to reflect the highest of law enforcement industry standards. This includes, but is not limited to, member adherence to all applicable laws, rules, and Bureau directives and member application of the law. The Bureau also requires that members fulfill their professional duties, act with the utmost respect for the Constitutional rights of all people, and communicate in a professional manner at all times. Members shall refrain from conduct that unduly affects Bureau operations or unduly erodes public trust.


  1. The Portland Police Bureau recognizes its role within the community and its internal organization to engage and interact with individuals in a professional and courteous manner that emphasizes a respect for all individuals and cultures. This is regardless of race, gender, nationality, sexual orientation, physical or mental disability, ethnic or religious group, age, or any protected status under applicable law or administrative rules. The Bureau is committed to policing in the most impartial manner possible. Therefore, regardless of protected status, members shall not profile or discriminate against any individual solely based on their membership in the following groups: housing status, socio-economic status, immigration or refugee status, or political ideology or affiliation. The Bureau expects its members to constantly strive to attain the highest professional standard of conduct.


  1. Professional Conduct.

1.1. Members, whether on duty or off duty, shall be governed by the rea­sonable rules of good conduct and behavior, and shall not commit any act tending to bring reproach or discredit to the Police Bureau or the City of Portland.

1.2. Members will conduct themselves in a professional manner in the discharge of their duties and in relations with the public.

1.3. Members shall not publicly criticize the Police Bureau, its policies, programs, actions, or members, or perform any acts, or make any written or oral statements which would unduly impair or diminish the orderly and effective operations, supervision, or discipline of the Police Bureau.

1.4. Members who become aware of an act of misconduct shall report the act of misconduct to a supervisor as soon as practicable. Failure to report member misconduct shall lead to possible discipline up to and including termination.

2. Courtesy.

2.1. Members shall, on all occasions, when reasonable, in the performance of their duties or after identifying themselves as a Bureau member, be courteous and considerate toward their supervisors, their subordinates, all other members, and the public. Members shall treat all individuals with dignity and respect, showing consideration for the welfare of all persons with whom they interact.

2.2. The use of profanity is generally prohibited, except when necessary to quote another person in reports or in testimony. All other use of profanity will be judged on the totality of the circumstances in which it was used. Members shall document uses of profanity in a police report.

2.3. No member shall use epithets or terms that tend to denigrate any member of a protected class under applicable law or administrative rules or any other group included in this policy, except when necessary to quote another person in reports or in testimony.


  • Originating Directive Date: 09/06/01
  • Last Revision Signed: 04/15/20
    • Effective Date: 05/15/20
    • Next Review Date: 05/15/21

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