0060.45 Personnel Training Orders

Administrative Rules Adopted by Bureaus Pursuant to Rule Making Authority (ARB)
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PROCEDURE (060.45)

Directive Specific Definitions

Personnel Training Order (PTO): A written directive relating to training assignments, issued at the Bureau level, and authorized by the RU manager.

The person requesting a PTO will submit the request on a Training Application. As the authority to publish a PTO comes from the RU manager, once it is signed by the manager, it serves as the PTO authorizing the applicant’s request.

Any training offered outside the Bureau, that would normally be paid for through the use of discretionary training and education funds and that is not a conference, command or supervisory development seminar directed by the Chief of Police’s office, must have the following information included with the application:

a. A clear endorsement by each level of the requesting member’s chain of command.

b. A paragraph indicating the justification for the member’s training endorsed by the RU manager.

c. If appropriate, a paragraph indicating how the information gleaned will be shared in the organization.

The RU manager will sign the PTO. The affected RU will be responsible for issuing and distributing the PTO to the applicant, Training Division, Fiscal Services, and the Court Coordinator, if applicable.

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