0024.00 Community Policing Purpose

Administrative Rules Adopted by Bureaus Pursuant to Rule Making Authority (ARB)
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POLICY (024.00)

The Portland Police Bureau employs a community-based style of policing that encourages citizen participation in crime reduction and greater coordination with other service providers to address crime-related problems. Bureau members are one of the catalysts who bring the necessary resources to bear on community safety needs throughout Portland.

By strengthening the partnership among citizens, police, neighborhood and business communities, and public and private agencies, the Portland Police Bureau expects a reduction in the fear of and occurrence of crime through a resolution of immediate community safety problems and identification of root causes of crime and disorder. Citizens and Bureau members mutually participate in, and are responsible for, strategy design and problem solving that emphasizes comprehensive responses to criminal incidents. Problem solving is joint empowerment of police and citizens to coordinate public and private resources to resolve community problems. Police members take a vested interest in, and are sensitive to, the cultural and ethnic diversity of the areas they serve.

The Bureau is committed to fostering an organizational climate that rewards its employees for initiative, innovation, citizen involvement and consensus building in problem resolution. The Bureau encourages decentralization of resources to the most appropriate level in the organization and community.

All Bureau members are expected to maintain a sustained and dedicated service orientation with all citizens to assure the peace and safety of our community. The organizational values (integrity, compassion, accountability, respect, excellence, service) must be the driving force in all of our decisions.

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