0870.40 Prisoners' Animals

Administrative Rules Adopted by Bureaus Pursuant to Rule Making Authority (ARB)
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  • DIR 631.70 Investigation of Animal Problems
  • Central Precinct SOP #41
  • Impounded Animals Impounded Animal Form (Central Precinct)

PROCEDURE (870.40)

Directive Specific Definitions

Domestic animal: Any type of various animals adapted by humans so as to live and breed in tame conditions.

Disposition of Prisoners’ Animals (870.40)

When a person is arrested in their home and has a domestic animal, the animal should be left in the home. When a person is arrested at a location other than their home (i.e., auto, motel room) and has a domestic animal with them:

a. If the arrestee requests and the person is reasonably available, members may allow another person to take responsibility for the animal.

b. When no caretaker is available, members may release an animal to Animal Control (or their contractee).

c. When Animal Control (or their contractee) is not reasonably available, and the animal is of a size appropriate to the Central Precinct animal holding cage, members may take custody of an animal and process it into Central Precinct’s animal holding cage (pursuant to Central Precinct’s SOP).

1. The key to the animal holding cage may be obtained from Central Precinct desk clerk.

2. The impounding member will lock the animal in the cage, located on LL2. Before leaving the animal, the member will ensure the cage is clean and fresh water is available.

3. The impounding member will fill out the Impounded Animal Form (available at Central Precinct desk). The form will be attached to a copy of the first page of the police report and left with Central Precinct desk clerk.

4. The Central Precinct desk clerk will be responsible for notifying Multnomah County Animal Control to retrieve the animal. If unable to make the notification before the end of the relief, the responsibility will be passed to the next relief until the animal is retrieved.

5. Upon release of the animal to either an owner or Animal Control, the released by and released to sections of the Impounded Animal Form will be filled out, attached to the report copy, and forwarded to Records.

In all instances wherein an arrestee has a domestic animal at the scene of an arrest and there is no family member/roommate present to arrange care for the animal, members will document the animal’s disposition in their report. If it is necessary for a domestic animal to be removed from a scene and the arrestee advises of, or there are signs of, illness or injury to the animal, that information will be documented in the report and provided to the caretaker to whom the arresting member releases the animal.

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