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0835.10 Temporary Park Closures

Administrative Rules Adopted by Bureaus Pursuant to Rule Making Authority (ARB)
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  • City Code 20.12.210 Hours of Park Closure
  • City Code 20.12.215 Parks may be closed if deemed necessary

POLICY (835.10)

Park closures will be instituted under this city ordinance only in those instances when the situation is beyond the control of available police resources to manage by arrest or exclusion of individuals. The situation must be serious and widespread before a park closure can occur.

PROCEDURE (835.10)

Members (as well as park officials) have the authority to close any city park, or any part thereof, if one or more of the following conditions exist in that park:

a. Life or property appears to be endangered and other means cannot reasonably be used to eliminate the danger.

b. The overcrowding of persons or vehicles has occurred so that necessary access for emergency assistance or emergency vehicles is unavailable.

c. Park property or other property located near the park reasonably appears to be endangered.

d. A hazardous or physically offensive state exists and is caused by sufficient numbers of persons so that other means of control cannot reasonably be used to eliminate the condition. Examples of these kinds of widespread behavior and conditions are:

1. Loud and unreasonable noise.

2. Fighting.

3. Violent, tumultuous or threatening behavior.

4. Abusive, obscene language or gestures.

5. Violation(s) of criminal offenses or ordinances.

e. Other conditions which exist where the safety of persons or property can not reasonably be assured.

When it has been determined that a park closure is necessary in the interests of public health, peace and safety, members shall relate the facts of the situation to a supervisor and obtain specific authorization to enforce a park closure. The supervisor who authorizes the closure shall notify the precinct commander of the closure.

The precinct commander shall then notify the Chief of Police, through channels, of the closure and circumstances. The precinct commander shall also notify the Commissioner of the PortlandParks and Recreation (Parks) and the Supervisor of Parks that a decision has been made to close a park. Notification of Parks may be achieved by contacting BOEC and asking for a Parks Crisis Management Team and by leaving a voicemail message for the Parks Commissioner and the Parks Director. The Parks Operations phone number is available in the Problem Solving Resource Guide. Following closure, the supervisor who authorized the closure will write a Special Report. This report will detail the circumstances, which caused the decision to close the park. A copy of this report plus any appropriate attachments will be directed through channels to Parks.

A park closure instituted under City Code 20.12.215 will remain in effect only for the length of time necessary to preserve the public health, peace and safety. In no event will a park closure extend beyond eighteen (18) hours without written approval of the Commissioners of the Police Bureau and Parks. Such a request for an extension will be made by the involved precinct commander, through channels.

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