0510.00 Fitness Rooms

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0510.00, Fitness Rooms   


  • DIR 0500.00, Portland Police Bureau Wellness Program
  • Inventory, Inspection and Maintenance Log
  • Membership Agreement and Liability Release
  • Portland Police Fitness Room Expenditure Form
  • Portland Police Fitness Room General Rules 


  • Fitness Rooms: Unsupervised exercise rooms at Bureau facilities that are designated, equipped, and managed by the Fitness Room Committee.


1.      The Portland Police Bureau recognizes the importance of physical fitness in several police functions and the potential benefits of physical fitness for all members’ wellness.

2.      The Bureau is dedicated to providing space for members to exercise in furtherance of their wellness.

3.      This directive establishes eligibility and procedures for Bureau member use of Bureau Fitness Rooms.  


1.      Core Principles.

1.1.   All Bureau members are eligible to use Bureau Fitness Rooms for personal use if they read, agree to, and sign the Membership Agreement and Liability Release Form.

1.2.   All fitness rooms are unsupervised.

1.3.   If members observe defective equipment, they shall tag the equipment for repair if the equipment is not already tagged.

1.4.   Members shall not use equipment that has been tagged for repair.

1.5.   Under certain circumstances, members may be eligible for Fire and Police Disability and Retirement or workers’ compensation coverage. Members should refer to the "Membership Agreement and Liability Release Form" for information about the limitations for liability for damages or injury resulting from the use of Bureau Fitness Rooms.

2.      Fitness Room Committee.

2.1.   The Bureau shall maintain a Fitness Room Committee to manage the Fitness Room Program as part of the Bureau’s Wellness Program.

2.2.   The Fitness Room Committee shall consist of a Fitness Room Coordinator from each precinct, one member appointed by the Chief of Police, and the Wellness Program Coordinator. Each member carries one vote.

2.3.   The Fitness Room Committee shall be responsible for:

2.3.1.      Managing the fitness room budget, including:            Planning for expenditures.            Authorizing repairs, replacement costs, and new purchases.            Presenting an annual budget to the Chief's office.

2.3.2.      Developing Fitness Room rules or regulations as necessary, and posting copies of rules and regulations in each fitness room

2.3.3.      Ensuring each fitness room receives a comprehensive monthly inspection.

2.3.4.      Reviewing and authorizing all Fitness Room equipment.

3.      Fitness Room Chairperson Responsibilities.

3.1.   The Wellness Program Coordinator shall appoint one Fitness Room Committee member to serve as Chairperson. The Chairperson shall keep an administrative file for Fitness Room records and forward copies of the following documents to Police Liability management:

3.1.1.      Inspection logs;

3.1.2.      Membership Agreement and Liability Release forms;

3.1.3.      Portland Police Fitness Room Expenditure forms; and

3.1.4.      A monthly list of persons who have signed the membership and release form.

4.      Fitness Room Coordinator Responsibilities.

4.1.   Inspect the fitness room and equipment for unauthorized or damaged equipment on a weekly basis.

4.2.   Document a monthly inspection and maintenance consisting of:

4.2.1.      Update the Inventory, Inspection and Maintenance Log for each piece/set of equipment and send it to the Chairperson.

4.2.2.      Ensure a supply of defective equipment tags is available.

4.2.3.      Post manufacturer's equipment instructions when available.

4.3.   Facilitate the repair or replacement of equipment.

4.4.   Ensure that any unauthorized equipment is removed.

4.5.   Only the Fitness Room Coordinator or their designee may remove equipment from a fitness room.

Effective:          3/16/2024

Next Review:   3/16/2026

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